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What's up ya'll!

As you all know we have filmed a video for our new track "Kick In The Teeth". The official video is going to premier soon,  but we wanted to give you guys a special alternate live footage version first!!!

In addition, we have decided to throw in a contest! It's simple, post the video on your blog, twitter, facebook or myspace and show us proof by adding the link of your post, you will then automatically be entered to win. Since we love you all the same, the winner will be chosen randomly on July 1st... you'll also recieve 1000 campaign points as well.


1 Limited Edition Signed Lithograph
1 Papa Roach Skull Bennie
1 Papa Roach Bandana
1 Papa Roach T Shirt
1 Kick In The Teeth Single CD

Official video coming soon, stay tuned to for more updates!

- The Guys

P.S. if you haven't downloaded the free mp3 yet, you better hurry, it coms down next week.

Video Link:


Post this video link on your twitter, facebook, blog, or myspace and enter your link in the box below. It is that simple! Winner will be chosen randomly on July 1st.

  1. X1AC/DCX1 avatar

    On Jan 12, X1AC/DCX1 said:

    Papa Roach is sick no lie

  2. papa roach fan#1!! avatar

    On May 07, papa roach fan#1!! said:

    i love u paparoach ur the best!! love ya!

  3. papa roach fan#1!! avatar

    On May 07, papa roach fan#1!! said:

    I have there C.D. with the live music in it...I LOVE U PAPA ROACH! U ROCK!! =)

  4. VIProach avatar

    On Mar 25, VIProach said:

    what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger...

  5. VIProach avatar

    On Mar 25, VIProach said:

    Love Papa roacH!!!!

  6. mollieshaddix avatar

    On Jan 21, mollieshaddix said:

    omg i love papa roach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. freakinhotjacobyshaddix avatar

    On Nov 26, freakinhotjacobyshaddix said:


  8. R0CK0N211 avatar

    On Aug 30, R0CK0N211 said:

    what he said v

  9. RoCk TwInS avatar

    On Aug 24, RoCk TwInS said:

    who is the god damn winner? -.- xDD

  10. nailsforbreakfast avatar

    On Aug 19, nailsforbreakfast said:

    huh its a test for our nerves

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