Fort Wayne, IN

06/28/12 Time TBA
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5675 St. Joe Road
Fort Wayne , IN 46835
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  1. eezyrider avatar

    On Jun 15, eezyrider said:

    The last VIP I bought was TWICE that!

  2. shannonmarie avatar

    On Jun 14, shannonmarie said:

    Sold Out???? NO!!! I had finally decided I have to do this!

  3. JacobyFrEaK27 avatar

    On Jun 08, JacobyFrEaK27 said:

    NOOOOOO!!!! VIP sold out?! DAMN IT!!!! I just got enough money =[=[=[=[=[

  4. chevans1 avatar

    On Jun 07, chevans1 said:

    $150 bucks is way cheap.... Motley Crue is wanting $1450 a person. Saw Papa Roach open at Crue Fest a few years back and they owned the place. Had never seen em before and became an instant fan. Im sure Nikki Sixx was pissed that Papa was the best show. lol

  5. chevans1 avatar

    On Jun 07, chevans1 said:

    Man VIP sold out!!! Would love to see if I can handle Papa Roach in a meet and Greet !!! Need 2 tickets if anyone has em... Come on Jacoby hook a guy up!!! Email

  6. Love*Hate*Tragedy avatar

    On Jun 06, Love*Hate*Tragedy said:

    I'll be there just like last year. Already have my ticket

  7. proachgrl4444 avatar

    On Jun 06, proachgrl4444 said:

    if anyone has 1 vip to sell please let me know!! i have cash in hand!!!

  8. kylieredhead09 avatar

    On May 29, kylieredhead09 said:

    VIP is wayyy too much money!! I remember last VIP I bought was about half that..

  9. Paul digs Papa Roach avatar

    On May 29, Paul digs Papa Roach said:

    Already got tickets... can't wait for this break from reality..

  10. shannonmarie avatar

    On May 28, shannonmarie said:

    Graduating college that weekend.. graduation present.. VIP?? I wish!!! =)

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