Minot, ND

06/25/12 Time TBA
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City Auditorium
Minot , ND
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  1. Wrathis avatar

    On Jun 25, Wrathis said:

    4:15 for meet and greets, sorry if I didn't mention that

  2. Wrathis avatar

    On Jun 25, Wrathis said:

    Gotta be at the box office by 4:15 today.

  3. Jholter avatar

    On Jun 24, Jholter said:

    I have not received an email or phone call yet. Who can I contact??

  4. Nabullet avatar

    On Jun 24, Nabullet said:

    I won the autographed drum head and tix's:) I was told to pick them up at 'will call'. Is the drum head already auto'd or will I be able to do a meet and greet to get it auto'd? Also, not knowing the size of the head, I would like to sneak out and put it in my truck...will that work?

  5. wade(ctrl) avatar

    On Jun 21, wade(ctrl) said:

    Everyone will receive an email 24-48 hours before the event telling you when/where to meet!

  6. Wrathis avatar

    On Jun 21, Wrathis said:

    Aye, i'm wondering that as well, I got me a 2 hour drive to get to Minot so I need to know, I spose they'll let us know tomorrow on Friday or Saturday.

  7. lexijane avatar

    On Jun 20, lexijane said:

    what time does the VIP meet&greet start??

  8. Amillent avatar

    On Jun 04, Amillent said:

    Wait so the GA tickets are only $19?

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