Rock Island, IL

06/30/12 Time TBA
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Rock The District
Rock Island , IL
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  1. ashlee_shaddix avatar

    On Jun 21, ashlee_shaddix said:

    @bacardi1939 - You should get an email a few days beforehand letting you know when check-in time is. And usually an admin of the site will post something about it in the 'News' section if all times are the same.

    @Jacoby_Rocks77 - Aw that sucks! Yeah I got VIP for that today, I'm so excited! Never had VIP before. And no problem, I'll be sure to rock out extra hard for you! ;) Hope to catch you next touring cycle!

  2. Jacoby_Rocks77 avatar

    On Jun 21, Jacoby_Rocks77 said:

    @ Ashlee_Shaddix Thanks so much for all the suggestions and now that Bloomington show has VIP I'm even more bummed I can't make it. Unfortunately, I couldn't manage to get the day off needed to travel. Maybe next time! Thanks again! I hope the shows are fantastic!!!

  3. bacardi1939 avatar

    On Jun 21, bacardi1939 said:

    Does anyone know when and how you find out what time you are suppose to be there for the VIP?

  4. ashlee_shaddix avatar

    On Jun 21, ashlee_shaddix said:

    @Jacoby_Rocks77 - There's also a Bloomington IL airport and a Peoria IL one. Bloomington is a good option bc then you could come a day earlier and go to that show also? Peoria is where I'm coming from. It's 1 hour 38 minutes from Rock Island.

  5. ashlee_shaddix avatar

    On Jun 21, ashlee_shaddix said:

    @Jacoby_Rocks77 - Midway is closest to Rock Island. Still 2 hours 49 minutes away. If that isn't possible, O'Hare is just a bit further. Also, St Louis airport is only 4 hours 15 minutes, so that isn't too bad. Where are you coming from?!

  6. Jacoby_Rocks77 avatar

    On Jun 15, Jacoby_Rocks77 said:

    Does anyone know besides the tiny airports in Quad Cities where you fly into for the show? Is Chicago Midway anywhere close? O'Hare? Just trying to figure it out. The tiny airports are crazy expensive to fly into. Or is St. Louis a better option? Thanks in advance. I also tried to get VIP for this show. Bummed!

  7. Lainey Gillen Larsen avatar

    On Jun 11, Lainey Gillen Larsen said:

    If they only offer a few, that is whack! It let me buy them the other day...?

  8. proach1469 avatar

    On Jun 10, proach1469 said:

    i agree ashlee shit is wack , you cant do a few more to your loyal fans since forever who want to drive hours just to see the best band in the world

  9. ashlee_shaddix avatar

    On Jun 10, ashlee_shaddix said:

    Yeah its dumb! I've never been able to do VIP before bc of school, not having money or them not having VIP at my show. I'm so mad! You'd think they'd like check this and read the comments and make more available? We're willing to pay, let us give you our money!

  10. oneinchtacks avatar

    On Jun 09, oneinchtacks said:

    @proach1469 Seems like it. I wish they'd make more available; seems a bit odd to turn down money if we fans are willing to offer it. Honestly, I could live without the dogtags and shirt and stuff, though.

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