Duluth, GA

08/16/09 7:00 PM
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w/ Hinder
Wild Bill's
2075 Market Street
Duluth , GA 30096
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  1. starrysky13 avatar

    On Aug 16, starrysky13 said:

    Whooo!!!! tonight!!!
    here in georgia!!!
    at wild bills!
    in duluth!!!
    one city over!!!
    too bad i'm not fucking going!
    because i can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jacoby_Rocks77 avatar

    On Aug 06, Jacoby_Rocks77 said:

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! Really appreciate it! :)

  3. la_luz avatar

    On Aug 06, la_luz said:

    Yep, general admission is the same as standing room, so like the pit. ^.^

  4. Jacoby_Rocks77 avatar

    On Aug 05, Jacoby_Rocks77 said:

    Hey just curious and want to make sure I am purchasing the right ticket that I want...I want floor General Admission. Is that what y'all are buying...$25 tickets???

  5. proachgurly86 avatar

    On Aug 04, proachgurly86 said:

    Oh I'm soo there been to almost every show in Cali and now I'll be there for every show in GA!! I LOVE PAPA ROACH!!!

  6. Jacoby_Rocks77 avatar

    On Aug 02, Jacoby_Rocks77 said:

    This show is gonna be awesome! Gotta go buy my ticket. Thanks for this amazing surprise on your way to the next show in Alabama!!!

  7. prmonster avatar

    On Aug 01, prmonster said:

    I'll be there!! Love me some papa roach!! :)

  8. kaos_girl101 avatar

    On Jul 31, kaos_girl101 said:

    Looking forward to seeing the boys in GA! It should be an amazing show!

  9. hunter koski avatar

    On Jul 22, hunter koski said:

    callme 8855020.

  10. hunter koski avatar

    On Jul 22, hunter koski said:

    Awsome,How about you?

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