Lancaster, PA

07/09/12 Time TBA
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Chameleon Club
223 N. Water Street
Lancaster , PA 17603
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  1. crabbychick avatar

    On Jul 09, crabbychick said:

    select that you want to see art of dying and it's all posted - yeah that makes sense - ya would think it would be posted when you select the papa roach links

  2. p-roach_fan_2012 avatar

    On Jul 09, p-roach_fan_2012 said:

    oh ok., well i hope Jacoby gets better, still a bummer that this was my first time going to see these guys VIP and now its over faster then i ordered the upgrade and admission tickets, where is it saying its done though, i went on the official website, i dont see anything

  3. crabbychick avatar

    On Jul 09, crabbychick said:

    it's on the chamelon club's site now that the PR is not playing tonight and tuesday

  4. crabbychick avatar

    On Jul 09, crabbychick said:

    jerry tweated its cancelled and the dr. says rest the vocal cords :-( , according to a close family source on tour with the band :-)....i agree the band & venue should be posting this becasue I too had a nice ride ahead of me to get to lancaster...glad i was in AC to rock out, sad to miss tonight

  5. p-roach_fan_2012 avatar

    On Jul 09, p-roach_fan_2012 said:

    I was so looking forward to this, wasnt on the computer at all yesterday, so i didnt get the e-mail right away....get up this morning, started getting around cause its a 4 hour drive for me, then get the word its cancelled, sucks bit i heard its because of Jacobys vocal chords, can someone help me confirm this......

  6. ica avatar

    On Jul 09, ica said:

    Papa Roach cancelled. I have spent three hours trying to get an offical answer and i finally called the x and got the answer and they themselves were just getting the official answer u can however take your ticket and see art of dying or get a full refund starting tomorrow from what i am told

    Just kind of upset that papa roach could not post anything about ot and make an official answer being they knew they were not playing

  7. addirockART avatar

    On Jul 09, addirockART said:

    yeah, I did not get an email about it...that's why I am leery since ticketmaster, ticketfly, this website and the club's website hadn't posted anything. :| grrr. also: sunspirit, I sent you a message.

  8. sunspirit avatar

    On Jul 09, sunspirit said:

    I had VIP and got an email show is cancelled and money is supposed to be refunded today so no reschedule. Jacoby has to heal his vocal cords. It sucks but if you have seen them you have to know they want to be there for the fans. They fucking put out every show They are not shitting on the fans as someone posted - shit happens!

  9. crabbychick avatar

    On Jul 09, crabbychick said:

    jerry tweated it's cancelled due to jacoby's voice...trying to find this somewhere else before i make the ride to big time, but last show i missed due to the band issues i drove 2.5 hours...get better

  10. ica avatar

    On Jul 08, ica said:

    No where does it say it's cancelled where is everyone seeing this at

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