Des Moines, IA

07/19/12 Time TBA
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Des Moines , IA 50309
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    On Jul 20, MEATMAN said:

    To look back at lastnight and know the all the past times I've gotten to see u perform .I have to what an amazing honor it was to spend a little time hanging out with all of u and would absolutely treasurer the memories I now have shared with everyone ..Ray thank u for all of ur efforts made to show us an amazing time ..drum head and sticks made the concert wall of fame at home complete ..a big thanks as well goes out to jerry and tobin and all others from the band and crew ..who hang out and made us feel so welcome ..I'm truely greatful ..tobin I wish u all the luck in raising ur new baby girl ..I can't wait to return to see you guys again ..and once more I will jump up and down till sweat pours from my soul the music and love pours from all of u ..for all of us fans ..peace love and happiness to all ..give me a shout any time 641-856- 9249 thanks clint and lindsey varese and baby

  2. JARED-M-YB95 avatar

    On Jun 12, JARED-M-YB95 said:

    YES!! IOWA

  3. myke avatar

    On Jun 12, myke said:

    Roadtrip from Chitown anyone?

  4. MEATMAN avatar

    On Jun 08, MEATMAN said:

    Is there not going to be VIP. Or is it going to be offered later for this show ..

  5. MEATMAN avatar

    On Jun 08, MEATMAN said:

    I'm so pumped I can't wait to see u guys again this will make my 7th show ..jacoby can get a crowd pumped like no other frontman I've ever seen dedication and love for his fans makes me love every second till the sweat runs down my balls

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