07/16/11 7:00 PM
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O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire
Shepherd's Bush Green
London W12 8TT
United Kingdom
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  1. LauraRobin avatar

    On Jul 16, LauraRobin said:

    Spare ticket for standing tonight available, message me for details!

  2. hitarth95 avatar

    On Jul 15, hitarth95 said:

    Hey hey, just few hours to go :D
    anyone going alone dont mind me going with them? inbox me ASAP.
    my first concert so a bit nervous :$

  3. VaIgA avatar

    On Jul 14, VaIgA said:

    its my birthday pressie to my self woop! exactly a week after my 18th :) Can't wait

  4. JadeC avatar

    On Jul 14, JadeC said:

    2 daaaaaaaays guys! i'm going to feel like i'm 14 again it's going to be awesome.
    see you all there :')

  5. echo avatar

    On Jul 14, echo said:

    Just 2 more days now =D

  6. Lucas0 avatar

    On Jul 13, Lucas0 said:

    haha i saw papa roach in '06 in the astoria...

    .. i almost feel too old at 24 to be there on saturday with my mate looking at the ages of some of you lot!

    but fuck it we'll have fun regardless!

  7. HannaHellsinki avatar

    On Jul 11, HannaHellsinki said:

    OH YES, WHO IS EXCITED??!! 5 days to go!!! :) See you there!

  8. Sophie123 avatar

    On Jul 08, Sophie123 said:

    This show is a day before my 16th birthday!!! :D

  9. xXDr_RoxxXx avatar

    On Jun 30, xXDr_RoxxXx said:

    I can't wait!!! :0 Got 16 more days til I get my metal on!!

  10. Ladyshaddix avatar

    On Jun 29, Ladyshaddix said:

    Everytime I think about it, I start to feel sick with excitement!!! I CANT FUCKIN WAIT!!! How many days is it now????

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