1. atl_dreamer avatar

    On Jul 27, atl_dreamer said:

    On youtube: Interview PAPA ROACH / Eldoradio (in english)

  2. atl_dreamer avatar

    On Jul 23, atl_dreamer said:

    Hi Man!,I was there at wednesday. It was Amazing! Papa Roach ROCKS!!
    We were not as many people as when you see other concerts because we are a smaller country BUT we always give off an incredible atmosphere!!
    I HOPE you(Papa Roach) come back the next year to Luxembourg because Luxembourg loves Papa Roach! :-)

  3. maddylolly avatar

    On Jul 22, maddylolly said:

    9 years which I have wanted this day
    just wonderful

  4. Aurinko avatar

    On Jul 20, Aurinko said:

    thanks :D
    very good to know...now I just have to hope it opens early LOL

  5. Noemie90210 avatar

    On Jul 20, Noemie90210 said:

    big parking space for the guests yep :)

  6. KellyDdsRx avatar

    On Jul 20, KellyDdsRx said:


  7. devilsarahi avatar

    On Jul 18, devilsarahi said:


  8. devilsarahi avatar

    On Jul 18, devilsarahi said:

    con todo respeto a los de Luxemburgo
    son un pais muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy pequeño
    el estado mas pequeño de mexico (sin contar el distrito federal) es mas grande q luxemburgo !!! y yo c q en mexico quieren mas a pr

  9. Aurinko avatar

    On Jul 18, Aurinko said:

    does anyone know if there is parking space somewhere close to the venue? XD

  10. Noemie90210 avatar

    On Jul 16, Noemie90210 said:

    finally got my ticket :)

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