1. Category 5 avatar

    On Jul 16, Category 5 said:

    The Scranton Show Was Insaneeee! Papa Roach Rocked The Shit Out Of That Place. I Survived On Crutches... Yay! Sooo Excited For Saturday :)

  2. jterrill avatar

    On Jul 15, jterrill said:

    we cant wait for the Show...

  3. Category 5 avatar

    On Jul 11, Category 5 said:

    I'm Also There To Only See Papa Roach. I Can't Go Through A Full Day Without Hearing Nickleback 100 Times On The Radio. Maybe I Would Like Them If They Weren't So Over Played...

  4. Metalplums avatar

    On Jul 10, Metalplums said:

    I can't wait for this, no interest in seeing Nickleback really to be honest, but will be there to see Papa Roach, always the highlight of the show for me!!!!!!

  5. Category 5 avatar

    On Jun 14, Category 5 said:

    I Bought The VIP Platinum Rockstar Pass For This Show. Apparently, I Get To Meet Nickleback. Hopefully They Will Take Me To Meet Proach Too! :) That Would Be Rad! They Better Considering I Paid $450 To See Papa Roach Open For Nickleback!

  6. maf29bt avatar

    On May 11, maf29bt said:

    they already are

  7. alexarcade avatar

    On May 05, alexarcade said:

    i'll definitely be here dude! :D
    does anyone know when tix are going on sale?

  8. sportsdora avatar

    On Mar 30, sportsdora said:

    i saw them 2 times and they are my all time favorite band!!!!!!!!

  9. Rocker79 avatar

    On Mar 28, Rocker79 said:

    I saw them on 2/25/09 at the Petersen and I can't wait for them to come back! I'm not missing this one!

  10. lilpyrowhore avatar

    On Mar 25, lilpyrowhore said:

    hey im havin the same problem as sumone else on here i chicked the link for ticketmaster and the dates isnt there n i just like alot of other ppl just seen them in pittsburgh on 2/25/09 (BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE)!!!! N i wanna c them wit hinder n saving able and fuckin nickelback hell ya its gunna b one damn good concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but sumone let me no where to get tickets at since ticketmaster is bin dumb

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