Rochester, NY

09/16/11 7:00 PM
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VIP Check-in Information: Please bring your photo ID and meet at the main box office NO LATER than 3:15pm. You will then be checked in by the VIP Coordinator and taken inside the venue for your VIP event.

The Brewery
3009 Hillsborough Street
Rochester , NY 27607
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  1. NeverEnoughBass avatar

    On Sep 15, NeverEnoughBass said:

    according to what I can find its the 445 st paul st one

  2. NeverEnoughBass avatar

    On Sep 15, NeverEnoughBass said:

    All I got so far is that its at The Brewery...going to make some calls now.

  3. PhillyCasey avatar

    On Sep 07, PhillyCasey said:

    I officially got my tickets!!! woohoo!!

  4. Kyhn avatar

    On Aug 29, Kyhn said:

    So the concert is at
    3009 Hillsborough Street
    Rochester , NY 27607 or
    445 Saint Paul Street, Rochester, NY 14605
    Im kind of confused now. Can anymore help? Im taking a greyhound up and i need to know where i need to go thanks.

  5. lmssucks avatar

    On Aug 27, lmssucks said:

    howw olod do yah have to be to go to the concert can you be younger then 18?

  6. rainbowrockerchick avatar

    On Aug 22, rainbowrockerchick said:

    Can not wait!!! Best bday present ever.... Rockin Out!!!

  7. schecterC1 avatar

    On Aug 20, schecterC1 said:

    is there anyone can host us aftershow. we are coming from Buffalo and have no car. We are a married couple at age 26 and 34. please contact us if you can host. on skype: xnewcouplex or msn: xnewcouplex (at) gmail . com or email us.

    thanak you

  8. Kyhn avatar

    On Aug 14, Kyhn said:

    Well got my ticket off of ticketfly but i can't wait for the show! Its going be AWESOME!

  9. RockOut719 avatar

    On Aug 07, RockOut719 said:

    @CaseLuvsProach93 My sister and I are driving there from Philadelphia too... hopefully I can get there quicker than the full 6 hour drive. It's so worth it though! :)

  10. DeadCellPunk avatar

    On Aug 03, DeadCellPunk said:

    HAHA! dis Roach is on da VIP list NOW! check it! PEACE!!!

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