1. kayli.paige_little_dirty_girl:) avatar

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,,, tomorrow!
    Haha i was the only sophomore on varsity volleyball this year,
    and cause im skipping practice and a game for this concert..
    i gave up my varsity spot. Lammmmmmmmeeeeee.
    oh well, better be worth it :)))))

  2. coby_dick's_wifey avatar

    On Sep 08, coby_dick's_wifey said:

    have fun for me! :(

  3. marc89 avatar

    On Sep 07, marc89 said:

    The day is almost here!

  4. Kevin3616 avatar

    On Sep 05, Kevin3616 said:

    Only 4

  5. rave avatar

    On Sep 04, rave said:

    only 5 left!

  6. rave avatar

    On Sep 03, rave said:

    6 days!

  7. rave avatar

    On Sep 02, rave said:

    1 week!

  8. rave avatar

    On Sep 01, rave said:

    cant wait wedsday!

  9. rave avatar

    On Sep 01, rave said:

    8 days!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kevin3616 avatar

    On Aug 31, Kevin3616 said:


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