Lancaster, PA

04/19/10 6:00 PM
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VIP Check-in: Please arrive no later than 2:30 pm and meet by the venue box office. You will pick up your special VIP access laminates from Justin here. Please remember to bring a valid form of photo ID to attend the event.
Chameleon Club
223 N. Water Street
Lancaster , PA 17603
Age Restrictions
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  1. JamminB avatar

    On Apr 20, JamminB said:

    Pics r up, that was quick...thanks Justin!!!!! Again, click on media on the left column and scroll down a bit, you'll see Soundcheck photos, click on that.

    How about the poster, when does that come? Did I miss it last night?

  2. VivaElShaddix avatar

    On Apr 20, VivaElShaddix said:

    Does anyone have the web site address where we can pick up our pictures?? Hell of a show and the guys are great!!

  3. JamminB avatar

    On Apr 20, JamminB said:

    Great show, it has been YEARS since I was at the Chameleon. Thanks so much to Onthinice for your advice and insight into the club so I could plan my approach and to Laura for her guidance and support. Meeting the band was fucking awesome, can not truly put into words. Next time I am taking my kids, they woulf FREAK!!

    I was able to get right up front but avoid the pit craziness so I had a great time.

    The pictures will be posted to the site for viewing and downloading but ours aren't there yet. Will be under media - soundcheck photos.

    Onthinice, I checked out your YouTube site, impressive. But YouTube reformatted their site recently, like in the last week or so and ALL the previous programs/web sites for downloading vids no longer work, I've tried them all and spent hours searching. It looks like they went to a Hulu like set up which has been hard to crack. Anyway, any chance you could send me copies from last night direct - I saw some of the video through your screen and they look awesome!!!! It would mean alot. Thanks!!!

  4. PhoenixxShaddix avatar

    On Apr 19, PhoenixxShaddix said:

    btw how and when do i get to see my pics with P.R. ???

  5. PhoenixxShaddix avatar

    On Apr 19, PhoenixxShaddix said:

    it was fuckin amazing! my first time seeing PR live and of course my boys didnt dissapoint! sadly i had to be on the second floor, when i wanted to be in the mosh pit but oh well! i got my VIP ticket got their autographs and pics and Jacoby licked me so im happy!

  6. highiker avatar

    On Apr 19, highiker said:

    Well Papa is awesome!!! The Chameleon Club totally sucked... Too small, they had to have over sold the show... You couldn't have fit another person in the joint. I should have known when I saw mirrors on the walls to help people see the stage that it was a bad sign... Having total Papa Withdraw and want to see them again so bad to make up for this totally wasted night. They aren't scheduled to return to the area any time soon.... That Sucks!!!....

  7. j.sprout! avatar

    On Apr 18, j.sprout! said:

    ill be there tomorow i cant wait im not gona be able to sleep tonite ahhhhhhh

  8. mzlaura04 avatar

    On Apr 18, mzlaura04 said:

    the no re-entry applies once the doors officially open. I believe we will have to exit, wait in line and go back into the club. I know a couple bouncers and they will use metal detectors or pat you down (especially guys), sometimes girls don't get searched unless you have a purse. Cameras are allowed but here's the rule; they cannot have a removable lens. Most small digital cameras won't be a problem and phones are always allowed. If you can change the lens on your camera ie put a big zoom lens on it, its considered a "professional camera"

  9. onthinice avatar

    On Apr 18, onthinice said:

    Let me debunk the no camera policy, they really cant prevent you from taking pics because majority of cell phones have them. Check out my youtube videos from the chevelle concert back in february at the chameleon club, just type in shadysdaycare and check them out. The no entry is common fo all venues. Once your in, you cant unless you dont intend coming back. Biggest advice, dress light, it gets hot in there. Take a car key and not a whole set of keys. Bring cash, chameleon club does not accept debit/credit cards, there is an atm onsite. Get there early if you want a good spot. It will get rough down on the first floor. If you want to play it safe second floor side or front view will be your best bet. Stay hydrated but not to the point where you have bowl movements every 15 min cause if you jave a good spot it will be hard to get it back. Hope this helps some, your in for a treat.

  10. JamminB avatar

    On Apr 18, JamminB said:

    Never been to the Chameleon club, web site states no pictures/video but every concert I've ever seen says the same thing and then dozens of cameras appear come show time. If there's a metal detector though, guess it's hard to get one in. What about cell phones? Can/do they ban these? Also, goin for the Plat VIP, web site says no re-entry, does that mean got to hold the staff that comes with pkg all night long? I'm soooo looking forward to this just first experience with this club and VIP. Not complaining, just want to plan appropriately!! Thanks!!

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