1. krazyk3077 avatar

    On Jul 26, krazyk3077 said:

    Sence you guys arent comming to FL Iguess Im gonna have to AZ fuck it you worth it..........

  2. joseph85308 avatar

    On Jul 20, joseph85308 said:

    I cannot wait to see Papa Roach since the Motley Crue show last year...this will be my first time Jobring.com...Hope to see all fans there...

  3. xXOWLCITYXx avatar

    On Jul 13, xXOWLCITYXx said:

    boo nickelback who mixes the almighty paparoach with ffreekin nickelback who ever made this show is a bunch of queers

  4. 666blackroses666 avatar

    On Jul 10, 666blackroses666 said:

    eff! i begged my dad to take me but he said no. jerk...

  5. xxYESENiAxx avatar

    On Jun 23, xxYESENiAxx said:

    hmm if i win i will hella go!! but i would leave after u guys do ur performance!

  6. xxYESENiAxx avatar

    On Jun 23, xxYESENiAxx said:

    i wana see you guys so fuckin bad!! but honestly i think i will wait till u come by urself so it will be worth the long drive i would have to take! PLEASE COME SOON!!!

  7. Jimi avatar

    On Jun 17, Jimi said:

    My thoughts exactly! Nickelback? Your dad's rock and roll, maybe they can do a country song next.. I'll come to the concert and at least I won't get stuck in traffic.

  8. GraeyVixin avatar

    On Jun 14, GraeyVixin said:

    Loved you guys in January and it has been WAAAY too long since i've seen you, or it WILL be too long when September finally rolls my way, maybe I'll get lucky again and win some free tix to this show too =D

  9. azcodemonkey avatar

    On Jun 08, azcodemonkey said:

    Yeah, I'll definitely be leaving after the PR show. Nickelback... Yuck!

  10. xXOWLCITYXx avatar

    On May 26, xXOWLCITYXx said:

    thank you papa roach now some one tell me how to bribe your mom to let u go

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