07/20/10 4:00 PM
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VIP Check-in: Please arrive no later than 2:30 pm and meet by the venue box office. You will pick up your special VIP access laminates from Fred here. Please remember to bring a valid form of photo ID to attend the event.
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  1. Samii avatar

    On Jul 20, Samii said:

    aaah.. du hast mich gerettet ;D
    ich wusste jetzt nicht genau was stimmt also.. dankeschöön :D

  2. Ra_Roach avatar

    On Jul 19, Ra_Roach said:

    Es ist im Z-Bau! hab heute die karten geholt und da steht drauf nach z-bau verlegt, wegen überschwemmung.

  3. little_drug avatar

    On Jul 19, little_drug said:

    heyy leute das konzi wurde nicht in den z-bau verlegt, oder? // that concert will be in "Löwensaal", won't it? A guy wrote at facebook, that it'll be in "Z-Bau".

  4. Puresque avatar

    On Jul 19, Puresque said:

    I think its' 8pm local time. 4pm wouldn't make sense. but be aware that they changed the venue, it's in the Z-Bau now.

  5. bjer avatar

    On Jul 18, bjer said:

    hey here they say it starts at 4pm but on the ticket it is 8pm can you say me wehen it starts really

  6. Sarah.Slaughter avatar

    On Jul 04, Sarah.Slaughter said:

    lucky sons a bitches!

  7. Die with Everything avatar

    On Jul 02, Die with Everything said:

    Papa Roach we come ! Nürnberg !! x33
    i like that shit :)

  8. LindaaLi avatar

    On Jun 29, LindaaLi said:


  9. HannaHellsinki avatar

    On Jun 29, HannaHellsinki said:

    Just purchased Gold VIP Upgrade! :)

  10. Puresque avatar

    On Jun 26, Puresque said:

    anyone here who's going to or already bought a vip ticket?

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