08/11/10 4:00 PM
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VIP Check-in: Please arrive no later than 2:30 pm and meet by the venue box office. You will pick up your special VIP access laminates from Fred here. Please remember to bring a valid form of photo ID to attend the event.
Backstage Halle
38 Wilhelm-Hale-Strabe
Munich 80639
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  1. Cloudnine avatar

    On Aug 11, Cloudnine said:

    You were awesome guys!!!! LOVE YOU!!

  2. maxehaxee avatar

    On Aug 10, maxehaxee said:

    schon das konzert war doch tonhalle ? und jez auf einmal im backstage ^^

  3. MsTotallyme avatar

    On Aug 03, MsTotallyme said:

    NOOOO!! The tickets are sold out.. No tickets left!! OMG!! I NEEEEED TO GO THERE!! SHIT!!

  4. Riot_Queen avatar

    On Aug 01, Riot_Queen said:

    wtf?Aber das Konzert war doch in der Tonhalle?Warum wurde das geändert?

  5. InSaNiTy avatar

    On Jul 30, InSaNiTy said:

    yeah...ich bin auch dabei!!!! des wird soooo geil...freu mich schon voll...^^

  6. Elvira avatar

    On Jul 29, Elvira said:

    I hope I will be there..... I just must talk with my father and.... buy tickets... and pay for fuel and.... yeah. maybe next time xd
    After holidays.... Maybe in another country.... but something near Poland ;D
    But... I'm talking with my dad today xd

  7. Ra_Roach avatar

    On Jul 26, Ra_Roach said:

    15 days!!! hell yeah!!

  8. _Mr.Roach_ avatar

    On Jun 20, _Mr.Roach_ said:

    man kann Karten bei kaufen!!

  9. clara unso avatar

    On Jun 20, clara unso said:

    blöde frage ..aber wo gibt es die karten tu kaufen? :D

  10. maxehaxee avatar

    On Jun 09, maxehaxee said:

    jaa da bin ich auch daa :DD

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