Cadott, WI

07/21/12 Time TBA
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Chippewa Valley Rock Fest
24447 County Highway S
Cadott , WI 54727
Age Restrictions
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  1. Veronica Milagros avatar

    On May 16, Veronica Milagros said:

    There are fans on the eastern coast too, not just middle America! Specifically, NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Zarea avatar

    On May 11, Zarea said:

    I want to go so bad, but my mom freaked out and we got in a huge fight. Basicly it ended up as no Rock Fests but if they come to town and are not doing any kind of 'fest' then i can go.

  3. Jose Manuel avatar

    On Apr 19, Jose Manuel said:

    He dudes.. we're waiting TOO LONG THE LATINOAMERICA TOUR.. not kidding

  4. IntoTheRiot avatar

    On Apr 17, IntoTheRiot said:

    Some shows in Germany would be GREATLY appreciated.

  5. prince vegeta avatar

    On Apr 13, prince vegeta said:

    hope yall come to mesquite tx if i get the muny for yall to play at my six-teenth burthday

  6. Electra avatar

    On Apr 09, Electra said:

    u guys have to come to washington in september birthday time 13

  7. Jamilla avatar

    On Apr 08, Jamilla said:

    Come to Holland!!! ;D

  8. maddylolly avatar

    On Apr 06, maddylolly said:

    Please come to Germany or France !!!!!!!!
    I miss you.

  9. GettingAwayWithPapaRoach avatar

    On Apr 05, GettingAwayWithPapaRoach said:

    Ohhh please come to holland but, I'm very happy to see finally a tour date xD but I can't see you guys too much!

  10. sinsationalkate avatar

    On Apr 04, sinsationalkate said:

    Just make sure you guys make it to DENVER this year!!!!!!!!

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