Thank you Jacoby

Jun 16

Thank you Jacoby for putting my son Gage up on stage with your lil boy. He hasn't stopped talking about it since and carries the drumsticks around everywhere. He woke up and first thing he asked is where his drumsticks were, lol. Your lil boy is so adorable and very talented. Tell your son Gage said hi. I cant say thank you enough for making one of sons dreams come true by meeting you, he will always remember last night. Much love, Gage and Lisa.

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  1. RE: Thank you Jacoby

    Jun 16

    Your son rocks\m/ I bet every person in that crowd was completely jealous......I hope he does remember that moment
    Lynx....lurkin in the Shadows^_^

  2. RE: Thank you Jacoby

    Jun 16

    awww!@ Jacoby is awesome like that!!!

  3. Re: Thank you Jacoby

    Jun 29

    wow! thats like my dream come true haha

    im glad jacoby is not some douche rockstar
    he really cares about his fans and thats why
    we love him so much!

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