No Matter What.

Jun 20

My 8 month old son passed away on Valentines day this year. My wife and he were DIE HARD Papa Roach Fans. He was born 5.31.2011 and My wife heard NO MATTER WHAT, and it became their song. Since he is gone now, she would love to get a tatoo that says NO MATTER WHAT, but would love it to be in your handwriting. Is there ANYWAY you could help us with this? It would mean the world to her if I could get this done.
We were going to buy the $300 backstage passes to a show 5 hours away, and drive to get it, but they are sold out now. We have been to atleast 10 of your shows in Indy, and we love you guys... Please, Please, from a Dad who has lost the most important thing in my life, could you please help us with this? We dont want anything accept a Piece of Paper in your writing that says "No Matter What" and maybe you could autograph it for us so its official. You will never lose us as fans, as we have Papa Roach in our hearts always! Please contact me, Thanks Chris. / Computerfixby Chris on twitter.

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    Jun 22

    I'm begging guys.. My wife is destroyed from losing him, .....This would mean EVERYTHING to us if you would do this. It will be her tattoo to remember him by forever. Please Let me know how I can get you guys to sign something and mail it, or we could meet you at a show, we dont mind spending the $ at all. I just want a piece of paper in your handwriting, something cool, that says "NO MATTER WHAT" Please guys. I've tried to Tweet, I've tried Forum, I need your help gang.

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    Jun 23

    Pretty Please gang? I'll pay for this.. It would mean the world to me, and there is nothing worse than losing a son, this song really means something to us, and we just want you to write the title out in a cool way, and sign it and mail it to us. Or if you are at any concert in the area, we'll come to you... I'll pay, whatever. We were going to do your $150 each backstage thing at a concert almost 5 hours away, but it sold out. We were willing to pay you $300 basically just to get near you to ask for this in the autograph session. Please gang, someone get this to the band, help me out, I'm not one of those begging sob stories, we'll pay, this is the truth, as hard as it is to hear, but we'll do whatever you want, this will be tattooed on my wife, its what she wants right now more than anything ... mainly for some closure. So I beg you. Let me know what to do. Thank you. Chris.

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    Jun 26

    PapaRoach... Please tell me where to send the $$, I need this.. Please.

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    Aug 13

    Tomorrow will be 6 months without my lil guy. I miss him dearly, and count the minutes until I hear from you guys. Please help me. Thank you..
    Charlies Dad,

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    Aug 16

    man if the band would have seen this , i guess they'd instantly contact you but it seems like this forum is dead ... so sorry for you man....

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    Sep 13

    This is a beautiful song :)

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    Sep 16

    I'm so sorry for you're loss... Just like megajeff says, I'm convinced that they would do this for you if they ever saw your post, but it doesn't seem like the band is reading anyones post....

    Again, so sorry for you. Hope you manage to get what you want in some way.

    Keep fighting!

    Love /J

  8. Moderator

    RE: No Matter What.

    Oct 18

    sorry to hear about your loss. we would gladly help you with that. we will not be in the states until next year. if you would send your address i will have it mailed to you. all the best wishes to you and your wife.


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    Nov 12

    Aww, I'm really sorry to hear what happened to your baby.

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    Apr 29

    Thank you TOBIN!

    We were going to send it to you, But we bought VIP tix for 5/14 in Joliet IL.

    We cant wait to meet you guys, and get this autograph.... This will help us ease a chapter of our lives.
    I will cherish this always, and will never forget this! You are basically filling a "Make a Wish" request for my wife and I.

    I thank you so much. From a Father who has lost his son, there is nothing more on this planet that I want other than to see my wife and daughter happy.

    There is nothing more priceless, than the gift you will give me at the show.

    Look for us, we will see you at the VIP. Chris and Stefanie Semich.

    Thanks again Tobin :)

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    May 02

    I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine the pain that comes with losing a child.

    I am very happy for you and your wife that you got the VIP and can get that autograph and she can get the tattoo. Be sure to post a picture of it here after she gets it!

    Enjoy the show and the M&G!

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    May 07

    Tobin wrote:
    sorry to hear about your loss. we would gladly help you with that. we will not be in the states until next year. if you would send your address i will have it mailed to you. all the best wishes to you and your wife.


    See you in 7 days in Joliet! Thank you Tobin! You are my new Hero. I will cherish this forever, and my wife will be overjoyed!
    Chris and Stefanie

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    May 14

    We are on our way... see you in a few hours!
    Chris and Stef.

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    May 15

    Absolutely the Best SHOW EVER! You guys rock, on and off stage. We were so happy to meet you, and to finally finish a chapter in our lives that has been hard to move on from. After a VIP - Front Row - Concert, its now 24 hours later and we are still deaf in one ear, and loving it! Thank you for making my wish come true for my wife. We will post the picture of the tattoo when she gets it soon. In the meantime, we will use this frame autographed by you guys and the photo of us in it! This meant the world to myself and my wife. She couldn't believe how nice you guys and Wade are in person. We felt like we were a part of an awesome show. We got the drumstick you tossed to us, but someone tried to steal it from us, we wouldnt let go, finally security took it from us :( either way.... BEST Concert ever. And it was a small venue, and it was 100 degrees at least in there! It was a sweaty mess, but fun!
    Thank you PapaRoach. Special thanks to Tobin & Wade, my new heroes.
    ComputerFixByChris Stefanie and Chuck
    Frame for Chuck

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