a sms from any member to my cellphone.

Jan 03

hi people. i dont know to much english, i have a dream where papa roach send me a sms to my cellphone and make my day so happy, its just that my cellphone dont ring to often, and when it does, its from my mom given orders jeje. so if its possible to have some text from yall i will be happy. thanks for you time. jorge alvarez
my number its (664) 345 1516 its from mexico so must be send like this +01 52 664 345 1516 or per5haps +52 664 345 1516. danm i dont know jeje. sorry. it would be better i find out how then i request this.

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  1. Re: a sms from any member to my cellphone.

    Jan 10

    Estas buscándote problemas. No es muy buena idea poner el numero de tu celular en internet.
    Problems are temporary, suicide is permanent.

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