"The Guys" Tattoos (all of them!) xD

Jan 12

what´s up xD i am making a project about Papa Roach in my school and it is gonna be my last one... (on that school) so i want it to be awsome! so i choosed Papa Roach... and i need some pic of Jacobys Tattos,jerry´s,Tobin and tony...well i got some of jacobys tattoos but i need the rest of the guys :( i REALLY hope u guys can help me..... thanks... VIVA LA CUCARACHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jan 12

    Jerry has pictures of some of his tats on his Flickr or Twitter or whatever.

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    Jan 12

    just browse through flickr and all those photo pages, there are many pics flying around of those...

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    Jan 12

    I was looking through my pictures from a concert when I was in front of Tobin and I know he has a blue sparrow on his right lower arm&some other design on the inside of his arm and under it is says Amber((I think?)). On his left forearm he has a skull king (?) with roses . My pictures aren't all that clear, but I can send you a few if you want. As far as Tony, I think he just has one-I wanna say it's chinese symbols or something. Jerry has a full right sleeve of some design? But yeah as the other guys said, best bet is looking up pictures somewhere.

  4. hey

    Jan 13

    you can check it out on all the fan sites..
    but... i'll like to see some real good photos of all papa roach guys tattoos ;D

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