Fight The Sky

Jan 28

Whatever happened to Jacoby's side project? By the time I heard about them they were really hard to track down on the internet and I can't see anything about them after 2004. Was Jacoby just too busy with PRoach or what?

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  1. RE: Fight The Sky

    Jan 28

    I'm not sure but I wanna know too,because I really want to see what they sound like.

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  2. RE: Fight The Sky

    Jan 28

    ace question Bri. I've wondered this. What bugs me the most is that there's hardly any trace of their existence x

  3. RE: Fight The Sky

    Jan 28

    Yeah i wondering about it too....
    I ask myself about it lately,i cant see Jacoby nowhere,any news,new videos...nothing! x(

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  4. RE: Fight The Sky

    Jan 28

    I did find one site with 2 cips from demo track but they are just instrumental and other than "John Doe" there is no mention of Jacoby, no pictures or anything. It's almost like they never existed.

  5. RE: Fight The Sky

    Jan 29

    yeah they sounded mad cool....
    i wanted to hear some of their
    but hey if hes too busy then i guess well just have to settle for papa roach! xD

    -Red x

  6. RE: Fight The Sky

    Jan 29

    yep and that's not a bad thing XD
    I'll buy my way to talk to god so he can live with what i'm not. The selfish blood runs through my veins...

  7. RE: Fight The Sky

    Feb 18

    not bad at all!!!

    -Red x

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