To My True Idols

Feb 12

Dear Papa Roach,
First off I just really want to thank you guys so much. Ever since i started listening to rock about 2 years ago, you were the band that really stuck out to me. Not only do i love you guys for your' music and the spirit and energy you put into what you do, but also because you're truly there for the fans. And thats why you're badasses! You inspired me to begin learning how to play the guitar and work on vocals. You got me into music (music is life!). I was in a tight spot when i started listening to the band and i didn't feel like i could go on anymore but you're music truly inspired me to pick myself up and it has changed my life and they way i look at things. Thanks Jacoby and the rest of the band and keep rocking.(come to idaho some time!)

Now here's my question, and i think it might help some others out there like me. When you guys first started learning to play your' instruments and sing, what were some of the things you did to help you learn? And since you can only learn so much what drove you on to progress and become better at what you do?

One of your true fans,

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