Aug 02

ok so i asked this before but never really got a straight answer..

is there guna be VIP ticketing for the US headlining tour coming up?

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  1. RE: Headlining

    Aug 03

    There better fucking be VIP tickets... and worth it dammit!!!!

  2. RE: Headlining

    Aug 03

    hahaha, i surely hope so !
    They may be around $120, but theyll be fuckin' worth it .

  3. RE: Headlining

    Aug 03

    I'd really love to purchase a VIP ticket. I hope the VIP experience rocks in Europe. I would love to see a soundcheck and meet them.

  4. RE: Headlining

    Aug 04

    Maybe, but there is no point in asking the staff here. GroundCtrl aren't the one's who set up or plan out tours.

    So I'm afraid there's not really gonna be an answer til at least the dates get released :)

  5. RE: Headlining

    Aug 04

    thanks, damn i hope they have em! idc how much they cost ill pay :)

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