i dont know if its been asked

Aug 21

it says the meet and greet ended june well had to be in by june or something like that , but on the pages for the uk tour its says sign up for this , so do you still have chance of meeting them if you couldnt get a vip or does a sign up not count

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  1. RE: i dont know if its been asked

    Aug 22

    sign up for this now basically just shows you which other members are attending the same show as you and allows them to see that you're attending too :) this way you can possibly meet new friends! x

  2. RE: i dont know if its been asked

    Aug 24

    Hopefully they will start doing the meet and greets again, with out the VIP ticket things, I blame nickelback. lmao. That is my scapegoat. >.<
    You can still buy the special packages and get the meet and greet as well as a few other things, if you live in the right area.

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