vip problem that NOBODY is helping me with

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This is my 3rd attempt to try to get some satisfaction on our VIP ticket purchase from Cedar Rapids IA.

I contacted you, (ground control) Matt and someone named Greg immediately after the show pictures were posted and was told they would reload the pictures and my problem would be solved. Well… it was not solved my picture STILL is not up!

I purchased 2 VIP’s they were for my daughter (Jacey) and myself for xmas. We were told by purchasing these packages for $200.00 that we would receive the MEET and GREET, we would get autographs, able to watch them at sound check and practice and would also be able to go to a presale of merchandise and get into the arena before the general public.

The sound check was changed to the guys playing a couple of sounds acoustically in a hotel room (which was COOL) our pictures were taken. My daughter was 1st and I went 2nd and asked to have her in the picture with my (this was to be a great memory keep sake for us) . We didn’t get to do a pre-show merchandise purchase. GREG told us to be by the doors at 5:45 we were there at 5:20. We weren’t allowed in early to buy the stuff, and when they finally let us in we could see the general public running down the stairs in before us.

We did ask KATIE about us and she did move my daughter and myself up to the center (that was already occupied) (nice of her) BUT we were sworn at by people from the general admission for moving up there.

A couple of weeks later we saw the pictures were finally posted and my picture was omitted. There was pictures of everyone else including peoples feet, but not mine.

I have contacted you guys, Greg and Matt and have not been helped. I cannot get the picture of my daughter which would have been a very NICE Keepsake. I was not even going to complain about all the things that were handled properly if you could have just gotten the dang picture up.

I would like a refund for MY meet and GREET, in my opinion I do not believe this to be a unfair demand. My daughter did receive everything that we paid for as far as her meet and greet however, I was not.

Please respond ASAP since these emails have been going back and forth for a month and a half now, including posting that my daughter and I have put up asking for help/satisfaction.

My order number is 91775
Date ordered 2009-11-27 16:50:21

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    RE: vip problem that NOBODY is helping me with

    Jan 27

    From what I have been told, the picture of your daughter is up on the site. The missing picture is one that has both you and your daughter which has not been sent to our office by the photographer. As stated in the email sent this morning, a request to re-send all photographs from the Cedar Rapids event has been sent to the photographer that was on this tour. Unfortunately, this is as far as we are able to assist you in the forums at this time; please email for the most up-to-date information regarding this situation.

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