^>V gameee

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okay..I loveeee this game.

Simple game, hardly any rules.

Just post something like this:
^ the answer to something the previous poster asked
> something about yourself
v something you're asking the next person to post


I'll start...since obviously I have to. lol

^ yay game.
> my lips have been severely chapped for like two matter what I do.
v what was your first concert?

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  1. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 01

    lets see if i get it haha!! im slow

    ^ backstreet boys ( i was 7 or 8)
    > i need to dye my hair the red faded to orange
    v what is your favourite song?

  2. Moderator

    RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 01

    ^ currently, Madina Lake - Statistics
    > I hate having diabetes
    v what color is your toothbrush?

  3. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 01

    ^ green!! its shiny
    > is it possible to be in love with your best friend? i ponder that too much!
    v what was the last album that you bought?

  4. Moderator

    RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 01

    ^ Madina Lake - Attics to Eden
    > the bagel and cheese I just ate was sooo good..I'mma make another one! :D [and yes, I married my best friend]
    v what's your least fav food?

  5. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    > it's my birthday tomorrow I'm 18 :D at last.. i'm surprised im alive
    v whats your fave TV show? x

  6. Moderator

    RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    ^ I Love Lucy..amongst others
    > I'm going to bed after I post this lol
    v what color socks are you wearing?

  7. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    ^ rainbow over the knee ones!
    > I have water in my ears :)
    v favorite 8 letter word?

  8. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    ^Illusion! haha yes awesome word right!
    >I failed when attempting to post on this thread at lunch time since I can't start a new line on my phone x]
    V What's your favorite song that came out before you were born?

  9. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    ^ Time Of the Seasons - the Zombies

    > I really shouldn't be playing this game, i need to get ready for work.

    V Why does papa roach mean so much to you?

  10. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    ^ liked them since I was 7 going on 8
    > Haha my birthday in 45 minutes hip hip horraaay!
    v do you have any pets?

  11. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    3 dogs
    15 fish
    2 rabbits
    2 anoles

    I hate rap music

    What's your favorite place for concert?

  12. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    ^Anywhere with a lot of energy and noooo drugs
    > I am very very short
    v Who's your favorite person/band to follow on Twitter?

  13. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    ^ Mams Taylor
    > It's my birthday today :D
    v Do you know what a smurf is?

  14. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    A smurf is a small blue cartoon creature from the 80's.....

    I'm scared of TWITTER.......

    At what age did you see your first concert?

  15. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    > I'm watching Two and A Half Men right now
    v Do you like Elvis Costello?

  16. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    ^ haha i don't know who that is :x
    > i layed out today, and i look like a lobster now
    v whats your favorite tv show?

  17. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    ^...well it's going to be jesse james is a dead man :D
    >...i'm reading new moon again [[i'm a nerd]]
    v...what's your favorite movie?

  18. Moderator

    RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    ^ Home Alone
    > I can't decide if I want a bagel with cream cheese or ravioli
    v on a scale of 1-10 how much do you love mac and cheese?

  19. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 02

    ^8 I guess. It's yummy but too much makes me feel sickk
    >I need cereal.
    V What is your favorite cereal/ Do you like it? hahaha

  20. RE: ^>V gameee

    Jun 03

    ^ cocopops. you know I love them :D
    > i hope the weather stays nice
    v do you like rollercoasters?

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