Platinum VIP HELP!

Sep 13

Just orderd my Platinum VIP passes and was wondering to all the Roaches out there that have been to one, what can I expext and how do they work?

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  1. Re: Platinum VIP HELP!

    Sep 14

    You'll have to be at the venue at a certain time and they'll take you in for soundcheck where they'll perform a few songs and then they'll have everybody line up and you'll get to go up and talk to them and have your picture taken with them. Depending on the venue, they may have you go back outside or go down to the lobby and wait. They'll let the VIPs in 5 minutes before the doors open to the public

  2. Re: Platinum VIP HELP!

    Sep 14

    Thanks for the info. Did you get to take your own pictures? Can you take personal stuff of your own to have signed? Thanks for any help! Paul

  3. Re: Platinum VIP HELP!

    Sep 15

    The picture you have taken with the band is taken by their photographer and posted on the website. They won't take a picture of you with the band with your camera. As for taking personal stuff, the last one I went to they said no but the first one we could. I guess it just depends on who's in charge and how much time they have. Depending on the venue, you should be able to take your cameras in for the show. I was at one of the venues were they were recording the new CD and they wouldn't let us take cameras in, you could take pictures with your cell phone but no cameras were allowed.

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