How Much Touring for TFA?

Sep 30

Does anyone have a good idea as to how long Papa Roach is going to tour on TFA before their next studio album? Any chance PR will tour the majority of the states in the USA in 2011? Thanks.

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    Oct 01

    Most likely. I bet they won't start work on another full album until at least late '11, and they'll probably tour the world for the majority of the rest of the year :)

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  2. Re: How Much Touring for TFA?

    Oct 01

    Do you think they'll do a 2nd USA leg for the TFA tour? Most bands do after a worldwide tour. I hope that proves true. Hopefully PR will tour again in or around MN very soon! Probably during the first half of 2011 if they tour. i WANT TO SEE THEM AGAIN SO BAD! PR concerts are the best! The guys have incredible energy! :D

  3. Re: How Much Touring for TFA?

    Oct 01

    i sure the hell hope they tour right after they come back! i almost want to go to europe just to see them.. i hear they are touring with disturbed and buckcherry over there.. I just saw them wednesday night.. i can't get enough of them!!!

  4. Re: How Much Touring for TFA?

    Oct 04

    take a trip. its always worth it. i've driven as much as 12 hours and flown to new york just to see them when they had no other dates. my friends think i'm crazy but its definitley a rush!
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  5. Re: How Much Touring for TFA?

    Oct 05

    Going to the show on Friday!!
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