The Avengers

Apr 09

Who is going to the movie? I was going to wait for the movie to go to DVD, but once I heard PRoach was doing a song, I'm totally going to opening weekend - showing my support by wearing of my PRoach shirts of course! Any CT peeps going?
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  1. RE: The Avengers

    Apr 10

    Whats wrong with sitting at home listening to it on youtube?

  2. Re: The Avengers

    May 23

    I went to the cinema to see this film (and hear 'Even if I could of course) but it wasn't there....
    But film is really good :)

  3. Re: The Avengers

    May 26

    The movie is just AWESOME!!! I totally loved it!!

    Yeah, shame that except for Soundgarden during the credits there are no songs from the soundtrack in the movie... And AC/DC song (which was Iron Man listening to before Loki's attack in Germany) isn't on the soundtrack, lol!

    But the OST itself is amazing!!

  4. Re: The Avengers

    May 27

    So it is just another case of the Inspired-By-Bullshit? Great, another reason to miss the movie. I like action movies but I am not into that blockbuster-thing with these high gloss heroes.

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  5. Re: The Avengers

    May 29

    The movie is just incredible!

  6. Re: The Avengers

    Jun 02

    The movie is awesome :) I've already seen it twice :D
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  7. Re: The Avengers

    Jan 19

    The Avengers is amazing! i am such a nerd when it comes to my love for The Avengers. i love Iron Man & The Incredible Hulk so much. they're my favorite superheroes! The Avengers was so perfect because it has both of them in it. and the other Marvel superheroes of course. Marvel has my favoite superheroes! c: i could seriously talk for hours about how much i love The Avengers, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk. c:
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