Jacoby's new image?

Jun 03

Jacoby changes his hairstyle with every new album. He had black heir for....9 years? And now he's got blond. Yeah. I know he had similar in video 'She loves me not' but...I think he looks better in black.

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  1. RE: Jacoby's new image?

    Jun 07

    Thanks so much for posting that... although I thought his hair looked more brown than blond... looks like his more natural hair color because it matches his whiskers. Jacoby looks good no matter what... I liked seeing him sing with Tobin's brother too. Thanks!
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  2. Re: Jacoby's new image?

    Jun 08

    Cool vid. I think the new color makes him look younger, but it totally works.
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  3. Re: Jacoby's new image?

    Jun 09

    June 18th marks the tenth anniversary of Lovehatetragedy. That is all.
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    RE: Jacoby's new image?

    Jun 14

    that's def just his natural hair color! Probably been too busy/lazy to dye it black while he's at home.

  5. Re: Jacoby's new image?

    Jun 18

    Let the man be! :) Blond or black... who cares! It's the music that counts..
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  6. Re: Jacoby's new image?

    Jun 19

    he looks with blod really cool, but for me is the black better, or maybe if i see him longer with blond,

  7. Re: Jacoby's new image?

    Jun 19

    Wow, blond hair on Jacoby, that's.. something new..., well he still looks good, so it doesn't matter.

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