If you have met the guys...

May 27

i love reading about stories of when people met the guys of Papa Roach. i have yet to meet them, but i like reading stories. so if you have a story about when u met the guys, post it here and i'll b sure to read it!

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  1. Re: If you have met the guys...

    May 27

    me either not met them as of YET hopefully this july, i would love to hear your stories to

  2. Re: If you have met the guys...

    May 27

    My best friend and I splurged on the VIP package when we saw them a couple of weeks ago. They are the nicest guys, seriously. Also, hilarious :). I posted some information about my show with my review of the concert. Check out Saginaw, MI's review.

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    May 28

    I met them, got a few cds signed, shook there hands, and said "i have nothing to say" took a photo, then left :p best day of my life.... Jacobys so hot.

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    May 30

    I met the guys three times at this point. The first time I won a m&g through my local radio station, but not till the day of so I had no time for prep or anything. And I thought it was a m&g with Skillet - but oh no it was with all four bands that day...Trapt, My Darkest Days, Skillet and Papa Roach. Once I found I was meeting my beyond favorite band I think I melted. So I went through the line shook their hands and had them sign Metamorphis as I happenned to have some cds with me (always be prepared cause you never know). I got to Tobin and became a glibbering idiot. All I managed to get out with I love Bass. To say he's my idol would be an understatement. After the show the next day I also met Tobin and Jacoby and got individual pics. Jacoby is incredibly down to earth and really loves his wife - so rare these days. They both were just really cool to talk to...slowly getting over my inability to talk to Tobin. This past week I paid for a m&g and got a pic with the whole band by myself. I got like 5 minutes to talk to them and told them of my love for bass and my favorite songs. I still had trouble talking or even looking at Tobin. I even mentioned a song I love and another friend had mentioned the same song...next night they happenned to play it. Could have died right there as I think I pushed my lungs past the limit screaming with joy.
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  5. Re: If you have met the guys...

    Jun 01

    I met Jacoby at Indy and he was a total sweetheart. He agreed to give me a second shot at a pic w him after my camera decided it wouldnt take the pic of us that he was tried to take. He's deff one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

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    Jun 01

    I met Jacoby just last night for the very first time. We were waiting by the road crew buses waiting for the band to come out of the venue. Only Jacoby walked over to talk to everyone though. I would have really liked to meet Tobin too. I love the way he plays that bass just straight up raw. Anyway, I was jibbery idiot, and was having issues with my camera. I very nervously handed him my ticket to sign, and I melt when he asked me how the show was...I couldn't even finish telling him, and he ended up finishing my sentence for me. I kept saying sorry, cause I was so nervous, and he laughed at me. LOL. Once I got my picture, I went back to the back of the line of people waiting, so I could give him another hug and talk to him more. I don't know how he got started on it, but he lectured me about my parents. It was really cute....that face he was making. I have a picture....but Idk how to post it....I'll figure iot out. Anyway, he was like "I always tell my son that one day he is gonna hate me, and he always says that he won't, but it will happen. So you gotta listen to your parents and love them." I just was like "Psh, I'm old enough that I don't have to listen to my parents." And he said, "I'm serious, cause one day you're not like your parents, and they really care about you, and they're always there for you, and you just need to be good to them." And I just told him, "Well you don't have to worry about that, because my mom is my favorite person on the planet." And he gave me a big 'ol hug, and I swear my heart was beating a gagillion miles a minute. I was really excited....still am quite excited. I haven't been able to stop looking at all the pictures that were taken at the show. XD


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    Jun 02

    I had a blast @ the Proach show the guys always bring it hard. If i had so put it into words this show was A Kick in the teeth show. Viva La cucaracha bitches.

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    Jun 02

    The guys are soo amazing i met them a few times this past yr. The last time i saw them was a few weeks ago at lupos in providence. Me and my friend arrived at the venue 4hrs early and the minute we got in line we both looked over and saw jacoby joggin down the street soo everyone (6ppl at the time) inline followed him around the cornor and he was really down to earth and took pics and chatted before the VIP meet n greet. Then 2 hrs later me n my friend went into the VIP meet n greet n he said didnt i see u sexy chicks like an hr ago lol n he hugged us again =] we took a tittie bar pic soo if any one wants to see it just look at the sound check photos for the providence ri show! But id soo have to say my favorite time meeting the guys was my first time because i gained 2 awesome friends who i met as i was crossing the street goin to the worcester show lol nikki our airband pic rules still to this day lol

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    Jun 03

    I met the guys with my boyfriend. It was hilarious, we went in and Jacoby was like.. you two boyfriend and girlfriend? and my boyfriend's like yeah.. so Coby goes, "How old are you?" And i reply with 16.. and my boyfriend with 18.. Coby looks at us and goes.. "Damn, that shit's illegal!"
    I laughed so hard lol.


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