anyone else see this ?

Jun 30

i'm freakin pissed ,bro. some people seriously have NO life.
and honestly , why the hell would take THAT much time to diss Papa Roach ?

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  1. Re: anyone else see this ?

    Jul 01

    haha stupid. It's like people love wasting their fucking time..
    Never give in, never give up.

  2. Re: anyone else see this ?

    Jul 10

    Haters gonna hate. Bakers gonna bake. Don't feed the trolls.

  3. Re: anyone else see this ?

    Jul 13

    just dont listen to people like that. all that matters is that us fans love them and thats why the guys rock out the way they do.

    ~Little Red~

  4. Re: anyone else see this ?

    Jul 16

    i always find it funny when haters come up with crap like this... they must have alot of time on their hands.. (plus that guy is totally a closeted proach fan ) :)
    **!!lights fire to the stage like arsonist crackheads!!**

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