Papa Roach New Album ..

Sep 15

So Proach is starting (or about to start) recording their new album .. and they just posted this clip:

asking fans what kinda sound they wanna hear from their new record..

i personally wouldnt mind some more songs like 'tightrope' .. i love the laid back what-has-the-world-come-to-sublimeish style :]
and like most i miss coby's rapping .. it's so refreshing to hear a rap that isn't about getting paper or bitches.

Soo what do you guys wanna hear from them??


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  1. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 15

    Please PR, don't go into electronic music.. Keep a pure rocknroll style or fucking rocknroll and do something like Be Free. It would be nice too to hear a new song like Between Angels and Insects..
    Or March Out of the Darkness, Lifeline, Time is Running Out, Forever, She loves me not, Burn, No matter what..
    And don't write just about your life. Write about the things that happening in the world around us.

    It must be a REVOLUTIONARY record!!

    God bless the coffin they carry me on in...!

  2. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 15

    No rap, variation is fine, but the only songs I remember from infest are like the first 6 + tightrope. It would really hurt Jerry's guitar playing. It sounds more developed than on the first albums.

    And no uber emo vocal lines like "I surrender" and "she cut me out of her pictures". My soul always cringes when I hear those lines in otherwise great songs.

    I like their rock and heavier stuff more. And their that their style changes on each album.
    If they went in the classic rock direction, like Whitesnake or Black Sabbath with heavier rythms, that would be cool and the vocals would probably be a great experience for Jacoby.

    Favorite song is Nights of Love.

  3. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 16

    i like the variation but maybe not rapping. I like some more heavier music. I also want to hear some ripping solos by Jerry

  4. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 16

    definitley agree with you there devron, i love how their style changes each album, always something fresh.. so yeah i guess it would be odd for them to go back to rapping.

  5. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 16

    No rap, no electronic music ... but pure rock! Songs like "Hollywood Whore", "I almost told you that I loved you" and "No Matter What"... so not too "hard" as those of the first album ..

    please! don't change again!

  6. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 16

    I would like the last sound of Metamorphosis(Lifeline,Change or Die,State Of Emergency) and the kind of No Matter What.. it's so great! Don't change now,guys.. please.
    "God save me from this madness"

  7. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 16

    I really miss old Papa Roach sound! I would like to hear something like 'Dead Cell' or 'Last Resort'. All albums till 'Paramour Sessions' are my favourite.
    Fuck a hero, be yourself

  8. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 16

    i want them to stay the way they are. i know they probably think that people are going to get bored of that, but i would never ever get bored of their music!!! and whatever they decide to do, i will never stop loving them!!!!!

  9. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 16

    wow so many different opinions .. lol

  10. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 16

    I'd like to hear some heavy stuff, but I'd also like some mellow songs to slot in between them. A concept album would be nice as well.

    Problems are temporary, suicide is permanent.

  11. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 19

    Another album like The Paramour Sessions or the studio tracks from Time for Annihilation would be good!! No electronic music or rapping ... Coby you're great at rap but better at pure rock!!!
    ** You're a diamond I'm a heart
    Living in this house of cards **

  12. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 23

    Please NO RAP, NO ELECTRONIC! I don't want my favorite band become like that commercial artists such as Usher, LMFAO, Eminem, Lady Gaga... Save the Rock!! |m|
    Papa Roach next album should be rock, rock, only rock. It should contain :
    - agressive rock with great guitar solos by JH (Burn, Getting Away With Murder, I Almost Told You That I Loved You...), to have fun with our guitar.
    - alternative rock (Lifeline, No More Secrets, Kick In The Teeth), to make us smile.
    - soft emotional rock (No Matter What, Scars, March Out Of The Darkness), to warm our heart.
    Well, Papa Roach don't have to change. Their music style still good since the album Getting Away With Murder. Stay in this way
    However, acoustic tracks are welcome.
    Love PR forever. Don't change. Don't let the rock music die against commercial music. Rock lovers need an alternative rock band like Papa Roach
    I wish you my best luck for your recording ;)

  13. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 24

    I love all of their stuff, but the most important part I need is the energy...and as much bass as possible. I want to hear some electronica cause I think they can play around more with that. I like Jacoby's rapping, as long as we don't get overloaded, but I think he's pretty done with that. I love Change or Die, Code of Energy, Alive, She Love Me Not, etc, but its the energy that draws me in. And we don't want them to get burned out...the challenge of life keeps us all alive.
    Cause You gotta be bigger, be faster, be stronger
    If your gonna survive any longer
    In this lifetime, it better be the right time
    The first time might be your last time

  14. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 24

    I want them to surprise me, like they always do! )))

  15. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 30

    Everybody's very excited about new album and i hope PR will share some previews with us fans!!! :))
    ~ Song lyrics say the words that we cannot

  16. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Sep 30

    What I would like the most for the next album is for them to take their time and come out with their best work ever.

    MCR took about 5 years between The Black Parade and The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, but what they produced in that time was a masterpiece, Picasso's interpretation of rock music. I think PRoach has more than enough talent to produce such a musical masterpiece, they just need to give it their all.
    Problems are temporary, suicide is permanent.

  17. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Oct 01

    i like the rap that papa roach do.

  18. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Oct 02

    Me too !
    Why's everyone hating ..


  19. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Oct 09

    NO RAP I hate this!!! It will kill rock! PRoach is much better on rocking!! |m|

  20. Re: Papa Roach New Album ..

    Oct 09

    stephy-PR wrote:
    NO RAP I hate this!!! It will kill rock! PRoach is much better on rocking!! |m|

    i agree they are much much better when there not raping dont get me wrong i like old papa roach but new papa roach is amazing
    R.I.P. THE REV
    and RJD

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