site inactive?

Nov 26


is it only me that notice it that the site is damn inactive
i mean jacoby tobin and jerry just check the site for like 4x a year max
they don't post any news or whatever on the site and don't ever post something
the only active user is tony but he still doesn't post or speaks
i think they should be more active on the site and make the site active again by posting news about the band themselfs or whatever and do some campaigns once at the time or pricewinning things or whatever makes people active to the site

ps sorry for my bad english;)

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  1. Re: site inactive?

    Nov 29

    They're actually quite active on facebook, so if you have one you should like their page.. and plus im guessing they're probably busy recording their new album right now. If that means they gotta sacrifice how active they are on here i'm definitely fine with that :D

  2. Re: site inactive?

    Dec 01

    I agree with Divia ..
    Jerry is normally, like Tony, very active on this site.. and on his Twitter
    But i guess they are just very busy.

    Though sometimes they post crazy videos.. XD Like the Greezy Beef video of last year

  3. Re: site inactive?

    Dec 01

    I agree with you dude! Maybe they are busy... but they post on FB and on Twitter but not here....
    It will be a fuckin pleasure to see 'em here again!
    BTW it's the same for the users! Two years before, there were a lot of active people here! A lot of blogs, a lot of forum topics! A lot of comments and messages.... It changes! It's not the same today. But i'm still here :) till the end...
    Fre' Dick

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