Jan 18

Hey guys ! I know you're in studio for the new record, but please give us some news, if everything is OK, how is your work etc etc ??? We miss you here in Europe so I think that some news will be a great pleasure for the fans...
Hope to read you soon, and of course to see you soon live !!!!

Love ya !

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  1. RE: SOME NEWS !!!

    Jan 19

    Yeah, where is Papa Roach? Have been a long time since the last news.
    Papa Roach come to Brasil!

  2. Re: SOME NEWS !!!

    Jan 20

    jacoby did alittle section in kerrang mag this week with some news of what there upto at the moment if anyone is intrested and hasnt seen it

  3. Re: SOME NEWS !!!

    Jan 22

    hey Jacqueline87 can you post what jacoby said right here ;) would be great

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