What Was The First...

Nov 20

Papa Roach song you ever listened to? Mine is Last Resort, which I'm sure is a lot of people's, but hey. First concert? First anything Papa Roach related. This is more of an Anti-Vote Thread. I'm sick of this Fuse business, soo.. Speak up! †

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  1. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 20

    ummmm probably scars i think O_O

  2. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 20

    Yeah, Scars was a lot of my friends' first, but they didn't know who Papa Roach was 'til I moved in. †

  3. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 20

    I think the first song I hear was Last Resort.

    First concert was Cruefest.
    My daughter is a huge Roach fan, and the concert was an early birthday present for her.
    I liked P-Roach, at least what I had heard from them.
    After seeing them live though, they had me hooked.
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  4. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 20

    Ooh, I wish I could go to Cruefest. My first concert was November 5th in St. Paul. ^^; †

  5. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 20

    I see that my Anti-Fuse thread was a huge success. †

  6. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 20

    my first papa roach song was last resort, i havent went to a conert yet but i almost went at the nickelback darkhorse tour at the gorge
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  7. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 20

    Between Angels and Insects because its what my cousin was listening to when i walked in her room when she babysat me a long time ago

  8. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 20

    My first song I heard was a Live version of Dead Cell, before Last Resort came out as a single. Once Last Resort came out and the Infest cd, I have been a fan ever since.

    Although I wanted to see Papa Roach in concert for a long time, my first concert was this past February, they were support for A7X and Buckcherry, and played amazing. After that concert Papa Roach turned into a band I really like, into my FAVORITE band. I've seen them in concert twice since then, in August with Hinder(that was a 5 hour drive, but well worth it!), and a couple weeks ago HEADLINING with Jet.

    I love how every CD gets better and better, and every time i see P. Roach live they are fuckin awesome, and always the most exciting best band that plays!

  9. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 20

    hmm song Broken Home...
    (my sister used to play it to piss off my parents lol god i love her for that :P)
    concert... was feb 07 again with my sister when they toured for TPS

    i owe my love for papa roach i guess to my sister i love her for it! shes even got the autograph on the wall i got for her in between the pictures of her son (who she was preggers with at the concert so i guess he was there too)


    and thank you for the anti-vote thread.. it was a nice change :)
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  10. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 20

    Not sure it was either GAWM, Scars, last resort or Not listening but im too tired to remember correctly....so i'll just say the song that got me hooked was Into the light XD
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  11. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 20

    my first was last resort and now my favourite is I almost told you that i loved you :)

  12. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 21

    First song i heard from roaches was ..To be loved and i fell in love with it immediatly =D then i found Scars and fell in love with it even more, listened to it like two days in a row. unfortunately i have never saw them live, but some day i will.

  13. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 21

    the first song i heard was between angels and insects and i just fell in love with it!
    the 1st Proach concert i went to was hellfest,they were amazing!

  14. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 21

    The first song i heard was broken home and then Last Resort
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  15. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 21

    first song was last resort. my 8 year old self sat down in front of mtv or kerrang or whatever it was on sky and i was like, memorized.

    first concert was october 2006 when i was finally old enough to go by myself x

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  16. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 21

    'Last Resort' was my 1st..........but it was 'She Loves Me Not' that made me become the PR fan I am today LOL x

  17. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 21

    last resort or between angels and insects

  18. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 21

    First song was Last Resort in like elementary school
    First PR concert wasn't until the '07 Bad Boys of Rock tour--my parents wouldn't let me go to a PR concert so I had to wait until I could afford it myself haha

  19. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 21

    The first song I heard was Last Resort, but it was Angels and Insects after that, that made me fall in love with the band.

    I first saw them back in 2007 on the Paramour sessions tour in october at manchester academy.

    I first met them this year in April after a gig also at manchester academy.

    I wish I had been able to go see them earlier in their career, but money etc always kept getting in the way. But I have seen them 7 times now, 5 times this year alone.

    I'm not surprised the song most people heard first was Last Resort. people can say what they want about PR now, but that is a classic and an anthem that everyone knows. It was just such a huge hit.
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  20. RE: What Was The First...

    Nov 21

    It was most likely Last Resort..but To Be Loved was the first one I heard acknowleging it was Papa Roach.
    First concert was 18th April 2009, at Birmingham o2 Academy. That was the day I met them too. :)

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