selfish fucking coby

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i saw that vid and aparently 36million americans go to bed hungry so were ment to help one of the worlds wealthiests country's when we could donate to needy countries like africa and fuckng 850m people in the world go hungry you selfish git fucking outrage

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  1. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    At least he takes the time to help people, regardless of where they live. I don't see you doing anything helpful.

  2. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    it's not just Coby who's involved, it's the whole of Papa Roach and the fan community. Yes Jacoby goes out and helps people in need (not many rockstars do that but a few UNSELFISH ones do)... but don't come on here calling him selfish in particular cos that's unfair and you'll probably piss a lot of fans off by saying that one statement alone and we don't watch roach wars four do we?

    the fact they're helping ANYONE is fantastic. I believe loaves and fishes is specifically for those in the states yes, but there's charities for other countries too, take oxfam for example, and you're not complaining about them just collecting for a certain area. America's not all hollywood riches etc, that's the only thing we bother to watch on TV etc. and I agree with the comment above me, but may be you are doing something to help so I won't judge on that x

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  3. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    Dude whats YOUR problem?

    One of America's main issues right now is because we keep buying from other countries, and such, which is KILLING our own economy. Making Americans loose their jobs, get laid off, get their pay cut, etc. Because companies in say, China for example. They may stuff and work for a lower rate. So while it makes things more affordable, it KILLS our economy, and people loose jobs.

    I STRONGLY feel, that while there is NOTHING wrong with helping other countries. We need to FIX OUR OWN FIRST.

  4. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    I'm sure Jacoby is doing a lot more for charity and homeless people than most rockstars, and YOU, are.

    He once upon a time actually WAS homeless, so I'm sorry, but to say Jacoby is selfish and never helps is an fucking outrage. Please leave this site..and don't bother come back.

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  5. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    I don't see how, at all, that video is selfish. Yes he is a celebrity, which only means that because he took the time to make a video INFORMING people about WHY and their cause even MORE people will hear about it because of the celebrities, including Papa Roach, that are involved.

    Jacoby has taken one of the VERY FEW days off that they have gotten earlier this year to go down and PERSONALLY volunteer with the Sac & Loaves in CA.

    I'm sure there's other things he has done, also. And by him asking people to donate does not make him selfish. He can donate, but the more people that get involved and donate themselves, the greater the amount that gets donated TOTAL will be.

    And like India said, we need to start taking care of the struggling, starving, jobless and homeless people in our OWN country before continuing to worry about trying to save the rest of the world.

  6. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    BTW, WE almost lost OUR house about 9-10 months ago

    Coming from me, someone who DID need financial aid, and DID need government help with food stamps, etc - do you think I would be supportive of this band if he was fucking selfish?

    Grow up, get away, and maybe you should think twice before bashing something you have no clue about.

  7. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

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  8. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    I cannot even believe that this topic was posted! What a moron! The members of Papa Roach are so selfless and committed to helping others. It doesn't really matter who the band chooses to help, the important point is that they are doing something to help someone somewhere.

    Are you doing anything that you can be proud of "epiphone?" Don't answer that, because most of us probably don't really care.

  9. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    if other counrtries are in such need than what r u doing about it. huh???
    at least Jacoy actually is doing something about it and all your doing is just whining and saying that he is a selfish jerk!!!!!!!!
    not very many people think about others in need and actually help them... espesially in this economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do you realize that he has donated over 100 thousand dollers out of his wallet to feed and shelter the homless?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    So while your whining about other things why don't you think about that!!!!!

    If your so pissed at Jacoby then WHY DON'T YOU GET OFF PAPA ROACH.COM RIGHT NOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  10. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    uuumm if you're gonna come on to a band's fan site to hate on the lead singer of said band then why are you member? and just a suggestion..learn to type coherently please and then maybe you could be taken seriously. you're entitled to your opinion and all but it makes no sense posting it on this site of all sites. thank you.

  11. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    Hes nicer than u bitch! are u fuckin high?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    you dumb ass

  12. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    I know what you mean but he IS helping SOMEONE at least and you coming on here calling him names is NOT helping your opinion. Tell me what are YOU doing to help people by sitting on here nagging Jacoby? Honestly just tell me THAT.
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  13. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    you call him selfish while you sit on your fucking ass all day on the computer complaining about him helping people.
    you fucking idiot.

    and yeah
    you dont say jack shit in your little speech here about you donating to any needy people in Africa, America or anywhere else.
    dont fucking bitch about him doing something
    stop acting like king shit all righteous and mighty and shut your fucking mouth.

    -Red x

  14. Moderator

    RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 19

    lol wtf.

    how is helping people, no matter where they live, selfish?


  15. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 20

    God some people are stupid! :O
    That is NOT selfish in any way, and I sure hope none of the guys see that post, because it's plain ridiculous.

    (I think you should seek some help man!)

  16. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 20

    To help anybody who requires help is a munificent action that should be given respect, no matter who it applies to. Surely, anything than can be categorised as charitable and benevolent is to be commended?

    Hasty Master-we must find the space cake!

  17. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 20

    Ever heard the phrase "charity starts at home"?

    How many people have you helped lately?

    Besides, what do people actually expect. It is very hard to help foreign countries because of the authorities in most countries abusing charity money and restricting attempts to help. When you donate money to your own government for aid for other countries, they send the out of date grain that we can't use and call it help.

    Maybe if more people started at home like Papa Roach and sorted out their own countries first, then we would be in a better position to help other countries. Besides, you gonna tell me if you were confronted by a homeless person in america you are gonna tell them to their face they are less deserving than someone else who is starving and cold just because they live in the USA which has obviously been so good to them?
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  18. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 20

    Busta wrote:
    lol wtf.

    how is helping people, no matter where they live, selfish?


    I couldn't agree more Busta

  19. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 20

    Who the hell do you think you are jackass?! The problem I have with Americans is YES, African children are fucking starving to death but it's not our job to protect them and save them from themselves. Their own people should save them! We should be taking care of our own people. People HERE are going without food this year and every year. Children HERE are going without Christmas because the economy is so bad for them and their parents have lost their jobs so toys, cloths and dinner can't be afforded.

    Jesus fucking Christ take care of your fellow American for once! The only thing that's selfish is people like you and those that agree who would rather donate to some stranger then the guy sitting on the street because he can't get a job and can't sustain himself. It's the same as the AIDs ordeal with Starbucks (red) I don't donate to that shit unless they're helping Americans with the disease as well.

    We forget to pay attention to our own people and expect everyone else to do it for us. We need to pay attention to our own fucking problems instead of cleaning up the mess of everyone else.

    I commend Jacoby. And guess what? I donated.
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  20. RE: selfish fucking coby

    Dec 21

    here is something for you to think about
    has it ever accured to you that there might be a good reason why he chose to help those 36m people in his country rather than all them in africa
    as far as im concerned noone really knows hi motives but i trust his judgement
    for all you no it could be because he can relate in some way.

    the fact that the whole band is helping anyone is extremely generous
    they didnt have to do it so stop judging them for making a choice that isnt even a bad one.

    you are gonna piss off so many fans for saying something as rediculous and childish as that and i would like to say that i am one of those fans
    so shut up and learn some respect and most important ,decancy!

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