first song?

Apr 07

what was the first papa roach song you heard and when??

mine was forever when it came out and my cousin made me look it up on youtube when he was over
~Separate me
My soul from my body~

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  1. RE: first song?

    Apr 07

    First time I heard Papa Roach before 5 years. It was Papa Roach ft. Black Eyed Peas 'Anxiety'. Hehe.. :-)
    Fuck a hero, be yourself

  2. RE: first song?

    Apr 08

    It was a couple of songs off of Old Friends From Young Years, I heard my older cousin playing it! Can't 100% remember exactly WHICH song it was at the time.
    *Fed up, tired, sick, & twisted*

  3. RE: first song?

    Apr 09

    Scars,,, no clue when it was. I just remeber hearing the song and thought it was a great song
    What do we stand for?
    When we all live in fear.

  4. RE: first song?

    Apr 09 be loved was my first song. i heard it a year and a half ago when i started watching wwe and then i heard more of there songs and eventually i got hooked.

  5. RE: first song?

    Apr 09

    i think it was prolly last resort but i cant be sure i was just a wee child than
    [green]"Life is a bullet the bloodstains prove it"

  6. RE: first song?

    Apr 14

    My first song was Last Resort.

  7. RE: first song?

    Apr 14

    Last Resort

  8. RE: first song?

    Apr 14

    "I can’t be your angel when I’m living like a devil
    Can’t be your lover when I’m living like a rebel"
    (Christopher Michael Kennedy)

  9. RE: first song?

    Apr 14

    umm.... maybe it was forever,.... it was one of the songs that thet played at crue fest.

  10. RE: first song?

    Apr 16

    6 years ago I saw GAWM & since then I'm on a never ending binge( ; & the love is veracious!!

  11. RE: first song?

    Apr 16

    Blood Brothers, when i started playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 back in like 2001 or somefin.

    Mile by mile we are farther apart.
    Now its one empty bottle and two broken hearts.
    Night after night we are falling apart.
    Now its two broken bottle and four emptys hearts.

  12. RE: first song?

    Apr 17

    Last resort ... 2000 ... and immediately I fell in love with that music!

  13. RE: first song?

    Apr 17

    Last resort and hollywood whore!
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  14. RE: first song?

    Apr 18

    Im not sure when I first heard a papa roach song . But I went and seen the bad boys of rock tour 4 years ago at the time I dint think I new who papa roach was but when they played "last Resort" and "scars" I new all the words to both songs haha . I'm sure "Last Resort" is the first song I listened too . most likely around 5 or 6 years ago . But every since the concert I have been a huge papa roach fan ... I have seen them 4 times now and will be my 5th next month !!!!!!!

    haha sorry , i know i talk/write to much ..

  15. Re: first song?

    May 24

    I remember hearing "She Loves Me Not" and "Last Resort" years and years ago. But "Take Me" is the song that got me addicted. They've been in my blood ever since then:)

  16. Re: first song?

    May 24

    To be loved!!!!
    i was in highschool, I always will remember,
    that song within my life!
    Elii Roach Shaddix!

  17. Re: first song?

    May 24

    Last Resort in 2000 in my best friend's car. :)

  18. Re: first song?

    May 25

    last resort loved them ever since

  19. Re: first song?

    Jun 11

    last resort and broken home, heard it back in a days when i was like 13-14 years old or so

  20. Re: first song?

    Jun 11

    "Between Angels and Insects" in 2001. That song and this band changed my life forever.

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