Apr 20

ive been listening to rammstein a lot lately. i don't know a lot of german, but i really like them. my aunt just told me that she listened to them in high school..thats kind of strange since she doesn't know ANY german.

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  1. RE: Rammstein

    Apr 20

    I like Rammstein too. :)
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  2. RE: Rammstein

    Apr 20

    Yes. I love Rammstein. I learned most of the German I know from Rammstein songs , and of course , school XD

  3. RE: Rammstein

    Apr 20

    love em, Im trying to go see em this summer

  4. RE: Rammstein

    Apr 20

    Rammstein was in Lithuania before month, but I wasn't in their concert. :( It's pity.
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  5. RE: Rammstein

    Apr 22

    i love rammstein! :')
    i think they're good cause they're different xD and i'm lucky enough to understand all the lyrics ^_^

  6. RE: Rammstein

    Apr 25

    yeah they are pretty good i listen to more tokio hotel tho xD im such a loser lol

  7. Re: Rammstein

    Sep 11

    They're a great metal band! I like them ^^ And their live are so special!
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  8. Re: Rammstein

    Jul 25

    I like Rammstein...my fav song is 'Mein Land'
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  9. Re: Rammstein

    Aug 20

    I German and I am listening to Rammstein too. My favourites are "Feuer frei!", "Spieluhr", "Rosenrot", "Pussy", "Mein Teil", "Moskau" "Küss mich" and "Ich will"

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  10. Re: Rammstein

    Nov 06

    I gotta say, I'm Germany too, and my absolute favorite song of them i "Seemann" it's different than the others (don't get me wrong, I love all their songs ;)) just love that bassline :D

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