May 15

I like Eminem He's my favorite rapper ever!!. I Don't really like alot of rap music because most are crap but eminem is awesome. My favorite songs are Lose yourself,Toy Soldiers,stan ft dido..

Anyone else a fan?

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  1. RE: Eminem

    May 15

    bla de bla bla

  2. RE: Eminem

    May 17

    I like Eminem, he's ONE of my favs, but there are many others I like too.... Right now, I'm really lovin Drake.
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  3. RE: Eminem

    May 17

    I'm a fan of eminem's music too was a fan until I heard recovery I did'nt like that album that much I felt like it was trying to hard to be like the eminem show
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  4. RE: Eminem

    May 18

    I love eminem have been a fan since slim shady ep. Lyrical genius! x


  5. RE: Eminem

    May 18

    i don't like rap, but i like eminem, whys it always women n girls who say that.
    he's crap.

  6. RE: Eminem

    May 18

    No. Just no.

    This comment is a kind of magic.

  7. RE: Eminem

    May 18

    I like him, too. He's so awesome. Srsly, I don't like rap so much, but Em is one of the greatest.. :)

  8. RE: Eminem

    May 18

    that dude rocks my rainbow socks! jk jk i dont even know what he looks like.....now that i think about it i dont think i know who he is....

  9. RE: Eminem

    May 18

    I don't much like his new shtuff, but he's alright. I don't dislike Eminem, so it's all good.
    You're the master.
    And I am Craving this disaster.

  10. RE: Eminem

    Jun 20

    i like him

    Take Your Past - Burn It Up - And Let It Go

  11. RE: Eminem

    Jun 20

    no offense im honestly trying not to be a bitch but eminem and rap is crappy music it just no dont like it

  12. RE: Eminem

    Jun 20

    just awful music
    rap doesn't have to be bad, just always seems to be

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  13. RE: Eminem

    Jun 21

    When I was a child I liked him.
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  14. RE: Eminem

    Jun 22

    I dont like rap that much but ya some of his songs are good.
    Dj...keeps world rocking.....

  15. Re: Eminem

    Aug 09

    Eminem is the best rapper.
    Rap is not ordinarily my thing, but, Eminem is great.
    (Sry, for my bad english)

  16. Re: Eminem

    Aug 11

    Eminem is my favorite. I'm not really a rap person but I have a soft spot for him! X)
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  17. Re: Eminem

    Aug 13

    I love him!!

  18. Re: Eminem

    Aug 16

    I don't like him really so much. But the song called "Love the way You lie (feat. Rihanna)" is a beautiful song! You should listen. ;]
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  19. Re: Eminem

    Aug 16

    I LOVE him! He's a genius. I guess i've been a fan just as long as Jade was, lol....the only rapper i listen too. He's special =D Hope he'll do a concert in germany anytime soon
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  20. Re: Eminem

    Aug 17

    my favorite rapper :) my favorite song is "love the way you lie" with rhianna. but hes way better than a lot of other rappers i think
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