What concerts are....?

Jun 07

Who are you going to see in concert this year?..or who have you already seen so far this year?And what was it like????
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  1. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 07

    I've seen Trivium and they were awesome (I loved the support so much I may be going to see them in October!).

    I am to see Framing Hanlely, Cancer Bats, Architects and Biffy Clyro. I was going to go to another show but I may not even be in the country at that time.

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  2. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 07

    Ive been to see 30 seconds to Mars in feb. Its was ok, no way as good as Papa Roach live though. :)

  3. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 07

    i saw madina lake in march, absolutely amazing, was 3 rows from the front, phenomenal energy and a great set, one of the best concerts ive seen

    going to see alter bridge, we are the ocean, paramore and you me at six later this year

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  4. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 07

    I just recently saw Korn and it was amazing!!!!! I think I might go see the Deftones here soon
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  5. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 07

    I'm going to try to see warped tour this year I keep missing it
    Isaiah laporte

  6. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 07

    I saw Billy Talent couple months ago. The band was great,the set was great and crowd was just crazy!:D One of the best gigs ever!
    And I'm going to see Rise Against,Billy Talent again and many others in Ruisrock (festival in Finland). And maybe Disco Ensemble:)

  7. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 07

    So far this year saw Nickelback with Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown--drove 3 hours to MI for it with one of my best friends so it was a good road trip, pregaming in the hotel and such, show was pretty good too. Also went to ROTR for PR, Three Days Grace, and Godsmack, that killed as usual.

    I am seeing the Carnival of Madness Tour in August with Shinedown, Sevendust, Puddle of Mudd, and Chevelle pretty excited for that. And for the hell of it a few friends and I are seeing Bon Jovi next month haa. Would love to see PR again if they post more dates after their Euro tour.

  8. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 07

    i saw Like A Storm, Skillet, Puddle Of Mudd and Shinedown in february.

    im going to see Adelita's Way, Downstait and Teays Vein in july.
    and Jerrod Niemann, Gretchen Wilson, The Band Perry, Danny Gokey and Eric Church in august.
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  9. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 10

    i saw devil wears prada in march
    bullet for my valentine in may
    and i'm going to see a7x in september its gonna be awesome!

  10. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 10

    I saw:
    Sick Puppies
    Breaking Benjamin

    In May
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  11. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 10

    Seen The Alarm in April, and Madina Lake and Mayday Parade and We Are The Ocean in March.

    And goin to see Green Day at Wembley Stadium next week!!

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  12. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 10

    None but wanna go to Capser the 24th for p roach

  13. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 10

    I haven't been to any this year so far, but I'am seeing paramore in November.

  14. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 10

    I've been to Zebrahead, Attack! Attack! & MC Lars...


  15. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 10

    We're gonna go to Billy Idol on 20 June..... haven't planned other......

  16. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 10

    I've seen Rockfest in Kansas City and Rock on the Range in Columbus this year, and I'm going to see Papa Roach with Chevelle in Wichita on Monday as well as catch a show of the Uproar tour.

  17. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 11

    saw the renegades (feeder) a few month ago, it was boring, the crowd was quiet due to the fact it was all new material that nobody had heard apart from a few songs, people left and heckled singer expecting "feeder" songs, as it was listed as feeder - the renegades tour, not as just renegades which was a side project by the guys.
    and they was abit arrogant saying they didn't have time to sign 2 guys autographs, who waited since 1.00pm for them way before anybody else, it would have took same amount of time to say "sorry we aint got no time to sign" than it would to have signed 2 pieces of paper.

  18. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 11

    I've seen Dear Superstar and Heaven's Basement a lot already this year for the simple fact I adore both bands and they tour a hell of a lot. Also probably will be seeing them more (for definite seeing DS again next week and HB four times next month).

    I've seen Theory of a Deadman and Halestorm together twice...

    Seeing Framing Hanley twice... And Bullet for my Valentine twice (seriously can't wait).

    Also rumour has it Linkin Park are coming back for a world tour.. so you can get your bottom dollar on me being at every show.. x


  19. RE: What concerts are....?

    Jun 11

    Saw 30 seconds to Mars in February and Halestorm, Theory Of a Deadman and Heaven's Basement in March.

    Have been to Pinkpop Festival two weeks ago and saw: Green Day, Slash, Biffy Clyro, Editors, Pink, Kasabian, Motörhead, Rammstein, etc...
    One day later Snow Patrol.

    And we're going to PR in july and August!!

  20. Re: What concerts are....?

    Jul 04

    the past one year or so,
    Bullet For My Valentine - Avenged Sevenfold - My Chemical Romance - Trivium - 311

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