My Darkest Days

Nov 22

Anyone Here Like them I do after I hear d some of there songs.

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  1. Re: My Darkest Days

    Nov 30

    I love them. I think they are great and I heard they are really good live. Which I'm excited for cause I'm seeing them on Dec. 11th with Default, Saving Abel and Hinder at a club :)

  2. Re: My Darkest Days

    Dec 09

    I dig them. And yes, they are great live - you will enjoy it!

  3. Re: My Darkest Days

    Dec 12

    the guys are sweet, but I'm not really into their music. plus they sing about strippers in Porn Star Dancing..
    It ain't real music without guitar

  4. Re: My Darkest Days

    Dec 26

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  5. Re: My Darkest Days

    Apr 25

    I love them :D My favorite songs are Save Me and Move Your Body
    Rock is my life!

  6. Re: My Darkest Days

    Jun 20

    My Darkest Days is, without a doubt, the future of rock and roll.

    I saw them live with P-Roach and Buckcherry, and they're just a great band, plus they sound perfect live.

  7. Re: My Darkest Days

    Jul 20

    They truly are one of my favorite bands of all time! I saw them in concert earlier this year and I got to meet three of the guys! They were truly some of the most charming people I've ever met! Love them forever! Their music rocks and they are excellent live!!!

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