Fav Papa Roach song

Jan 03

What is ur fav PRoach Song ever?

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  1. fav song

    Jan 03

    All of them are my favorite:D That would be a hard choice!!!


    Jan 03

    The first song I heard by Proach was Forever. My favorite song though would be...Between Angels and Insects.

  3. DES avatar DES


    Jan 03

    I can't tell really I like Last Resort, Hollywood Whore, Lifeline, Getting Away With Murder, ...To Be Loved and Forever..

  4. Moderator


    Jan 03

    lol there's a thread about this already :P


  5. Re:

    Jan 04

    Thats a really hard question, but the first PRoach song that I heard was "Last Resort", I love all their songs, there isn't one that I listened to and didn't like.

  6. Fav Papa Roach song

    Jan 05

    i think my fave it broken home.
    i can relate because my parents are split up,
    but i really like all of their songs.
    besides blood brothers.


  7. Re:

    Jan 05

    Last Resort that was the first one I've heard and the best but the rest are also amazing

  8. Fav Papa Roach song

    Jan 08

    Well, I have to say I love them all.
    Scars spoke to me at first because of the line:" Our scars remind us that the past is real." I can relate to that, got a few scars of my own from the past.

    Also, Not listening also resonates with me.
    However I love everything they done.

    i feel that I can find something in a lot of there songs which is what attracted me to them instantly last year. Plus they Fucking Rock!

  9. papa roach favorite song?

    Jan 09

    i have to say that "Last Resort" was the first papa roach song i heard but my favorite song would have to be FOREVER.

  10. Re:

    Jan 09

    Scars was the first Papa Roach song i ever heard so it's my fave but i love all of the others too!

  11. Fav Papa Roach song

    Jan 15

    wow thats a tough one it would have to be between crash and getting away with murder but i think i would have to choose getting away with murder as it was the first song of theirs i had ever heard and it was while playing a video game and it was really bugging me so i looked it up and now ive been a fan ever since (4 years)

  12. fav papa roach song?

    Jan 18

    theres so many! my top 5 would be

    1- time is runnung out
    2- scars
    3- last resort
    5- sometimes

    omg theres so many others...
    to be loved, take me, be free, stop looking

    wow thats a hard question to answer!

  13. Fav Papa Roach song

    Jan 26

    I think all songs from papa roach were great...
    I have many favourite songs... between 5 and 6

    2.Getting away with murder
    3.Hollywood whore
    5.The world around you
    6...To be loved

  14. Re:

    Jan 31

    Blood Brothers + Forever

  15. Re:

    Feb 02

    Hard To Say, I Love All Of Them! But I Keep Listening To Scars Or Broken Home,

  16. Re:

    Feb 02

    Last Resort... it's the first song I heard by PR and it's still best for me... then probably Forever, Scars, Roses On My Grave, She Loves Me Not... I don't know... I love all of them =)

  17. Fed avatar Fed


    Feb 18

    Oh gosh, just one?? It's so hard to choose. I can name a few...Born With Nothing, M-80, Blood (Empty Promises), Scars, Caught Dead, Alive, Crash, Forever, Reckless, What do you do? and many more..

  18. Re:

    Feb 22

    probably GAWM.. cos it's kinda sexy... kinda dark... x

  19. RE: Fav Papa Roach song

    Nov 03

    all of them
    HA BISKY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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