Jul 25

I've seen a few conversations about these guys on here but no thread. How many of you guys like this band? I love Buckcherry, I've loved them since Time Bomb came out.

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    Jul 25

    Well I've liked em since this year. They do deliver good music and I like Josh Todd's voice. I somehow one day just felt like listening to Buckcherry so I asked my friend to send me some and I've liked it since.

  2. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 25

    They're OKAY...Josh had me laughing the ENTIRE time Buckcherry was on stage on valentines day haha...pervo. But he is hilarious. And Steevie D (I think that's how you spell it) is amazing..

  3. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 25

    I think it's like modern classic rock. If that makes any sense. Yeah Josh's voice is amazing, and he is a total perv but funny as heck. I like Keith more than I like Stevie, but they're both great.

  4. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 25

    HUGE BC fan! im with ya 100%...met josh todd and keith nelson and they are sum cool fuckers! lol

  5. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 26

    never herd of buckcherry...whats the style?

  6. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 26

    I saw Buckcherry at Download this year (they were on just before Papa Roach =D)

    Having only heard crazy bitch and i love that song i thought there set was awesome i would love to see more of them

  7. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 26

    my only fav song is : Please, don't go away ! the lead singer has a great voice =) !!!

  8. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 26

    Saw Buckcherry on friday in Glasgow. they were amazin and had the crowd going absolutely nuts!! dont know the words to many of there songs but still jumped about anyway, and i tihnk there shit hot x

  9. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 26

    I only know Crazy Bitch. I have never been quite bothered enough to type their name into the search bar on Spotify.

  10. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 26

    I used to hate Buckcherry, but then I saw them when they were on tour with A7X, Papa Roach, and Burn Halo. Seeing them live made me check out more of their music, and I love it. Time Bomb is my favorite cd.

  11. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 26

    yeah, I love them. And I was sooo angry, cos when PRoach was here, it was the only show of the tour without Buckcherry, cos they played at some festival that night... of course I've been to the concert mainly because of Papa Roach but still... I was lookin forward to Buckcherry too... so hopefully next time.. =]

  12. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 26

    massive fan, love black butterfly - especially Rose and Dreams, seeing them on saturday :D can't wait!!!

  13. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 26

    i love buckcherry, i'm going to see them, at the kerrang week of rock!

  14. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 26

    i like two of their songs. crazy bitch and too drunk. x

  15. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 26

    Buckcherry is fuckin DOPE! Love the band just or almost as much as papa roach!!....Their songs are so....uhmm...idk how to explain, lol...but they are fuckin awesome!

  16. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 27

    I'm personally not a big fan of Buckcherry. The only 2 songs I really liked by them were Crazy Bitch & Sorry. I saw them in concert in March & I was a little disappointed. I didn't think they were that great. Maybe it was the fact that they played right after Papa Roach & Papa Roach is beyong amazing in concert. Anyway, I don't even listen to the 2 songs I used to liked by them anymore after the concert.

  17. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 27

    forgot to add that i like sorry also.

    I just hate josh todd's voice.... and their stage presence. dunno. just bugs me x

  18. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 27

    i like his voice but their stage performance...uhm, well, partly annoying me :S

  19. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 27

    He sounds like Tina Turner. Yep you guessed it......not a big fan.

  20. RE: Buckcherry

    Jul 28

    I seen them 4 times with-in 3 months.

    Honestly, the first time I seen them, I loved the show. It was great. But seeing them 4 times, that close together just soured me terribly. The stage shows were the SAME every show, the SAME cocaine speach the same everything. Actually, im pretty sure the setlist never changed either.

    So, i wont lie. I walked out twice.

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