What's your favourite line?

Jun 30

not only from papa roach songs :)

mine is : ''So what do you do when it all comes down on you? Do you run and hide or face the truth? ''
I like this line cause it makes me think...every single time...lie or be honest,stand up or hide? what hurts the most?

what about yours guys?
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  1. Re: What's your favourite line?

    Jul 01

    mine is :
    I tried to be someone else
    But nothing seemed to change
    I know now, this is who I really am inside
    Finally found myself
    Fighting for a chance
    I know now, this is who I really am

    30 seconds to Mars- the kill

  2. Re: What's your favourite line?

    Jul 16

    mine is:

    now i know, theres nothing i could say to change that part, but wheres your heart, ... i´m not affraid to keep on living, i´m not affraid to walk this world alone.

    my chemical romance - famous last words

  3. Re: What's your favourite line?

    Aug 13

    There are so many I could put here. I prefer music with amazing lyrics and a strong message. One of my favorites is: "Why let my worries steal my days? It just brings me down. Does the song you sing have enough meaning. Inspire us to sing along." The Song You Sing-Creed

  4. Re: What's your favourite line?

    Aug 20

    Not by the amount of song I got in my head. Let`s have a try . . .

    "Ihr seid so bunt und farbenfroh.
    Ihr seid das Licht, ich wenn´s erlischt.
    Ihr positiv, ich Gegenpol.
    Ihr seid so grau wenn man euch mischt."

    by ASP.

    The translation would sound like this.

    "You`re so colored and full of colors.
    You are the light, I`m when it`s droped
    You`re positiv, I`m the antipole.
    You`re so grey if you will be mixed."

    "Come, you spirits, that tend on mortal thoughts . . . and desecrate me!" - WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

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