The Defiled

Mar 11

Anyone heard of The Defiled ?
They went on tour with Murderdolls this year, and are doing their first UK Headling Tour soon.
I love them !

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  1. RE: The Defiled

    Mar 21

    The Defiled is the Plenty of post-apocalyptic crank movies accept attempted to put us in the abode of those who managed to survive an undead outbreak.
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  2. Re: The Defiled

    Mar 29

    saw them with BVB and the murderdolls a couple of times last month.

    at first I thought they sounded like a bad version of slipknot. and then I gave them a proper listen to when I got home and actually they're not bad. I like one or two songs off grave times x

  3. Re: The Defiled

    Mar 31

    Never heard of them,i might have a listen to them though.

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