can you feel it

Feb 07

are im the only guy where can feel it over hole my boby when i listen to Papa Roach

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  1. can you feel it? YES I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feb 08

    no your not the only one!!!!!!!! PR take my sadness away or kicks my up if i down!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Re:

    Feb 11

    Papa Roach is the only band that i can listen to their songs and say it relates to my life in some way and that i can actually feel it, if i'm tired it will wake me up, if i'm in a bad mood it makes me feel better.

  3. Re:

    Feb 12

    Dude it depends on what u mean lol

  4. Re:

    Feb 26

    i sometimes get shivers down my spine. but cobys voice could sing me to sleep x

  5. Moderator


    Feb 27

    haha I totally had a moment the other night when I was walking home from the store..and it was cold so I was walking pretty fast, but I was listening to a slow song and just looked up at the stars and just started walking slower and really just soaking in the music and the stars and it was lame and awesome at the same time hahha

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