Shinedown !

Jan 16

I cant stop listening to the songs
Second Chance
If You Only Knew.

Addicting songs much? And i love the videos for both songs!

Fan or not a fan?

I am most deffinately a fan!!
Favorite Songs??

Mile by mile we are farther apart.
Now its one empty bottle and two broken hearts.
Night after night we are falling apart.
Now its two broken bottle and four emptys hearts.

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  1. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 16

    not really a fan, but i do like devour

    On an island out in the sea ~ I wouldn't care what they think of me
    But in this crowded room I believe ~ That I'm seconds from insanity

  2. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 16

    "call me" best song on album,
    great live, abit preachy tho.

  3. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 16

    I know i would be considered a "fan" if i knew more of their music, but i don't go out and listen to more, even though i like the music.
    I'll buy my way to talk to god so he can live with what i'm not. The selfish blood runs through my veins...

  4. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 16

    Sound of Madness CD rocks, better than older stuff.
    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. - Isaiah 41:10

  5. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 16

    I love second chance :) x

    I'll paint it on the walls
    cos I'm the one that falls
    I'll never fight again
    And this is how it ends.

  6. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 16

    I loved Second Chance until it was played on the radio every other song.
    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. - Isaiah 41:10

  7. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 16

    Love them--their sound of madness cd is awesome...Second Chance is wayyy over played now but i still like it

  8. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 16

    *raises hand* I'm a fan.
    If You Only Knew is my favorite of theirs at the moment.

    (Even if Brent has horrible taste in Mac & Cheese...)

  9. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 17

    Yeah I like them.I have there new album,my favourite songs are Call Me,Devour,Second Chance,I saw them live last year they were ok .

  10. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 17

    I'm a fan =) But I don't have a favourite song yet since I only just discovered them ;) I like their sound though so I think I'll have a favourite soon...

  11. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 17

    I fucking love them... [said as wearing my Shinedown shirt]

    Fave song?

    either 45, Sin With a Grin, or Breaking Inside.

    ~.:My Scars Remind
    Me That The
    Past is Real:.~

  12. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 17

    I'm not a fan,but i really like Sound Of Madness cd.
    My fav songs are Sound Of Madness and Cry For Help:)

  13. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 17

    Shinedown has some good songs. I like Sound of Madness, bc I'm just that kind of person that is tired of hearing about how people expect to be given everything when they can't even take care of themselves. Fly From the Inside is good, Heroes, .45, Cry For Help, these are all good songs. Just on Sound of Madness alone, there isn't a bad song on the CD. The only one I skip is Sin With a Grin.
    It's never too late to live your life, The time is now, it's do or die.

  14. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 18

    fan!! and love both songs!! second chance is the first song i heard of theirs and i couldnt stop listening to them after that..and like papa roach their music helps me get trough another day :D

    i wish it would all just stop, all the fighting, all the arguing, all the lies, all of it.but that will never change thats why its making it easy to say I F*CKING HATE U!

  15. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 18

    I was listening to Shinedown and my son walked by singing the song, lol. So I guess u could say we r both new fans of Shinedown. Besides, I enjoyed the way the Zach would bust Jerry on the cell during their tour!

  16. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 18

    In my opinion Call Me is the best song!!!

    I'll never miss your bitter kiss

  17. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 18

    My favs are If You Only Knew and 45. Shinedown is one of my top 3 fav bands next to Papa Roach and Creed.:D
    *My words are weapons in which I murder you with*

  18. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 18

    HUGGGEEE Fan!!

    Although i have to admit i only knew one song before i went to see them in November but they definatly converted me into a fan!!

    ~Without it all~I'm choking on nothing~
    ~It's clear in my head~that I'm screaming for something,~
    ~Knowing nothing is better than knowing at all.~
    []===["""|"""|ART"""]|)>- ---WORK

  19. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 18

    aaron lewis "staind" 45 acoustic part cover

  20. RE: Shinedown !

    Jan 18

    Fan, definetly.

    Second Chance was the first song I heard from them and fell in love immediatly :D day I bought the Sound of madness and listened to only it for almost a week. Favorite songs are Sin with a grin, If you only knew (I love the video, it's amazing), 45, Shed some light and Call me. And Zach's tweets are the best, they always make me smile :)

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