Jan 22

what is you fav paramore and papa roach songs
angel eyes

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  1. RE: music

    Jan 23

    My Favourite Paramore songs..

    -When It Rains
    -Looking Up
    -My Heart
    -Use Somebody(cover)
    -Turn It Off
    -Feeling Sorry

    My Favourite Papa Roach Songs..

    -Hollywood Whore
    -Carry Me
    -Roses On My Grave

  2. RE: music

    Jan 23

    I'm not much of a Paramore fan but imma go with
    I Caught Myself
    Use Somebody
    Misery Business

    PAPA ROACH!!!:
    Between Angels And Insects
    Hollywood Whore
    Last Resort
    Getting Away With Murder
    I Almost Told You That I Loved You
    She Loves Me Not
    Blood Brothers
    Had Enough
    Roses On My Grave
    .. To Be Loved
    The World Around You
    My Heart Is A Fist
    Dead Cell

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